Zebra foal dies after accident at Arizona Zoo

Zebra foal dies after accident at Arizona Zoo

A zebra foal died Tuesday after an accident at Reed Park Zoo in Tucson.

TUCSON, Ariz. – Reed Park Zoo is mourning the loss of its greyhound’s zebra foal Tikiti Maggie, who died in a freak accident on Tuesday.

On Tuesday afternoon, a gust of wind appeared that startled Teketi’s mother, Anna. Anna suddenly moved to a different part of the residence, stopping at the wood-paneled fence. The pony was running alongside Anna and wouldn’t stop. The veterinary team responded immediately, but the filly died immediately due to an injury to her neck.

Zebras can easily become stunned, and this type of injury is not uncommon. Reed Park Zoo lost a male foal in July 2020 in a similar event.

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In preparation for Tekiti’s birth — which occurred on Christmas morning — Reed Park Zoo made major modifications to the zebra’s habitat to make space barriers more visible to the foal. The care team also provided greater access for the mother and foal to the zebra’s larger main habitat and created a quiet area surrounding the zebras’ backstage areas. As is normal after any such incident, further assessment of the habitat will be carried out, including consultation with other experts.

“In a very short time, Tikiti has captivated everyone with her playful nature and energetic spirit. The care team is taking the unexpected loss hard. She will be greatly missed,” Adam Ramsey, director of animal care at Reed Park Zoo, said in a press release.

The zoo’s animal care team will provide additional care for Anna as she grieves the loss of Tekiti. At this time, she spends more time interacting with her guards and will move on to spending days with her companions Ben and Zuri.

“My heart goes out to Anna, who was an attentive and attentive mother to Tikiti, and to the zoo’s animal care professionals who do everything they can every day to ensure every animal at Reed Park Zoo receives high-quality, loving, consistent care,” said Nancy Kluge. President and CEO of Reed Park Zoo “We are absolutely saddened by the loss.”

The Grevy’s zebra is critically endangered, with fewer than 2,000 species remaining in the wild. Reid Park Zoo participates in the Grevy’s Zebra Species Survival Plan, a partnership organized by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums to enhance genetic diversity in the zoo’s collections and protect against depletion of wild populations and their habitats.

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