Yahasdeep saves Anu from a terrible accident, and Anuj Kapadia attacks Aadhya for playing the victim

Yahasdeep saves Anu from a terrible accident, and Anuj Kapadia attacks Aadhya for playing the victim

In the latest episode of Anupamaa, Anuj Kapadia attacks her daughter for playing the victim after she almost pushed Anu into the fire. On the other hand, the goons return to Toshu’s house and threaten Kinjal. Read together to find interesting details.

Anupama Latest Update: The famous Indian daily soap opera Anupamaa has been making headlines since Shah’s visit to America on this occasion, but what caught the attention of viewers was when… Anuj Kapadia He criticized Aadhya and defended Anupamaa. On the other side, Kinjal Pay Paritosh Wrong when the brawlers visit Toshu’s house again. Interestingly, at the Holi bash, Anuj Kapadia Shruti and Aadhya visit to celebrate Holi at the same place. Read on to know interesting details.



Does Aadhya hate Anupamaa? Here’s what we found

In the upcoming episode, the Shah family along with Anuj, Shruti and Aadhya coincidentally arrive at the same place to celebrate Holi. Seeing the Shahs and Anuj, Aadhya gets visibly upset and asks her father why he brought her there when he knows that she hates these people. Anuj tries to calm Aadhya down and asks her not to create any disturbance, but Aadhya refuses to listen. The situation escalates when Pakhi also starts behaving badly towards Aadhya, which leads to a big fight between them.

Anuj Kapadia attacks Aadhya for her behaviour

Amidst the chaos, Aadhya becomes more frustrated and asks Anuj to leave. As Anuj leaves with Aadhya holding her hand, they accidentally push Anu. This causes Anu to stumble and almost fall, prompting Anuj to let go of Aadhya’s hand to save his ex-wife. However, it is Yashdeep who ultimately saves Anu from falling. Seeing Anuj’s actions, Aadhya gets more angry than angry. This paves the way for more dramatic developments in the next episode.

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In the final episode, the trio reaches home and Aadhya expresses her frustration at feeling abandoned, comparing Anuj’s actions to Anu’s. This upsets Anuj, who advises Aadhya to stop playing the victim and using her past as an excuse for her behavior. He urges her to confront her past and move forward.

Will Toshu return to Kinjal and his family?

Meanwhile, Kinjal is kidnapped by some goons due to Toshu’s financial dealings. Fortunately, she manages to escape and confides in Anu about the situation. Anu decides to take action and plans to bring Toshu back with the help of Dimpy, Kavya and Kinjal.

The upcoming episodes are expected to be full of suspense as the audience waits to find out whether Tosho will face the consequences of his actions. This story promises to be captivating and full of twists and turns. Watch this space for latest updates of Hindi daily serial Anupamaa!

Publication date: March 24, 2024 at 10:05 AM IST

Updated: March 24, 2024 at 10:05 AM IST

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