XRP is not about making you rich, says a top DNA scientist

XRP is not about making you rich, says a top DNA scientist

In a recent tweet, Australian DNA scientist Horace Drew asserted that although XRP could make investors rich, its primary purpose goes beyond that.

In particular, Drew said that people who invest in XRP should not expect to get rich just by owning the digital asset. According to scientists, “The purpose of XRP is not to ‘make you rich’.

Furthermore, Drew noted that a person’s rise to wealth based on their involvement in XRP is a “beneficial side effect.” However, he does not believe that this is the only purpose of XRP.

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Meanwhile, Horace Drew emphasized that XRP serves a more important purpose. He claimed that XRP exists to counter what he sees as a “great reset” planned by German economist Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum (WEF).

According to Drew, the World Economic Forum allegedly plans to exercise control and impose restrictions on individuals. In his words:

“The purpose (of XRP) is to prevent the Great Reset planned by Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, who wish to tyrannize and imprison us all.”

Moreover, the scientist suggested that a decentralized and anonymous global currency, such as XRP, could be a barrier to such intentions.

Community interaction

While some cryptocurrency enthusiasts who reacted to Drew’s claims agreed with his opinion, others shared opposing views. One individual asserted that the potential for XRP to make people rich would tie the digital asset more closely to traditional fiat currencies.

In parallel, another commentator doubted that XRP was an obstacle to the alleged authoritarian regime being planned by the World Economic Forum. This user

Meanwhile, another commentator pointed out that the payment company Ripple, which is closely linked to XRP, is a partner in a World Economic Forum affiliate.

Ripple system

XRP is certainly a digital asset that has great appeal in the payment industry due to its attractive features, such as speed and cost-efficiency. Payment industry leaders asserted that XRP would disrupt the traditional finance system, especially with regard to cross-border settlements. These assertions are in sync with Drew’s sentiments.

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