Woman in coma since accident while on holiday says ‘I love you’

Woman in coma since accident while on holiday says ‘I love you’

A young British woman was left fighting for her life after a horrific skiing accident, and she has made a remarkable recovery, even telling her boyfriend ‘I love you’. Olivia Corbiere, 23, was placed in an artificial coma after falling about 15 feet from a ski run into a ravine in Bansko, Bulgaria, on March 17.

A week after the accident, which caused a brain bleed, lung damage and a broken pelvis, Olivia came out of her coma. She returned home over the weekend, but mum Linzi – who had flown to Sofia to be near her daughter – said she had since woken up and shown signs of recovery.

She was even able to squeeze the hand of a Build-A-Bear doll her friends made, triggering a recording of the Temptations’ “My Girl” they recorded for her. But today, Linzi also revealed that Olivia said ‘I love you’ to her boyfriend Ben Smith, 24, who also flew to the capital to be near her.

Linzi, speaking from an AirBnb in the city, said: “We went to the hospital and the nurses said she was looking at the teddy bear and she knew how to squeeze her hand to sing. They let Ben in to see her, she said ‘I love you’ with her mouth to him and she was able to drink.”

Since the incident – which saw strangers come to the aid of distressed Olivia, who was lying unconscious in the water – she has been in intensive care. She underwent a tracheostomy and brain surgery and was under the care of leading neurologist Dr. Norvet Alioski.

Due to strict hospital rules, Lindsay and her husband Seb, who traveled to Bulgaria last week, were only able to spend 10 minutes with Olivia. But Linzi said of the time she was able to spend at her daughter’s bedside: “It was wonderful. I talked to her, asked her if she knew why she was here, and she nodded.”

“I didn’t want to just say ‘everyone is here for you,’ so I repeated everyone’s names and had tears running down her face. She knew where she was and why. I was just trying to reassure her and make sure she heard a familiar voice.

“They shaved her head, which is devastating because Olivia had beautiful long hair. But it’s just hair and it will grow back. She has a big scar on her head where she had surgery, and she had a tracheostomy.”

Over the weekend, Olivia once again fell into a coma due to low sodium levels in her system, leaving her family concerned. But they went to see her today and she greeted them with positive news.

Linzi added: “We went to the hospital this morning and the doctor had a big smile on his face, so we knew it was good news. The part of her brain that was damaged could affect speech, but we will never know the extent of it.” till later.

“But she communicates by nodding her head and keeping her eyes open. She’s taking medication, but she’s not sedated now, so she’s making progress. All the taxi drivers said her doctor is known in Bulgaria as a miracle worker.”

“He has lines of people waiting for him outside his office, so we’re sure it’s in good hands. It’s a waiting game, but it’s positive for now.”

More than £25,000 has been donated to a fundraising page set up to help the family.

Visit https://www.gofundme.com/f/tragic-skiing-accident-please-help-family to donate.

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