Why Red Bull F1’s rising Abu Dhabi FP1 lineup has value

Why Red Bull F1’s rising Abu Dhabi FP1 lineup has value

All teams are required to field a rookie in each car in one FP1 session during the year.

While other teams also waited until the last possible opportunity at the end of the season for their second rounds, only Red Bull will field a rookie driver in both of its cars in Abu Dhabi, leaving Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez as spectators for that session.

Dennis, a Formula E champion and long-time Milton Keynes simulator driver, will take his first outing in a real car since 2018, and will be joined by Formula 2 star Hager, who also drove an AlphaTauri car in FP1 in Mexico last month.

“It’s interesting because when you put a different driver in the car, you get a different perspective on things,” Monaghan said when asked by Motorsport.com about the rookie.

“They present their comments differently, and if they use different terminology, it sometimes illuminates us with different ways of looking at problems.

“Max is very strong in his comments, (and) Chico is very similar in that he will state his likes and dislikes. But then Jake might put a different perspective on things.

“And he just says, ‘This is how I feel.'” Well, that’s interesting, because it opens you up to another way of looking at things. So any driver who gets into a car is an opportunity for us to learn something. And Jake is a huge contributor to this process. ”

World Champion Jake Dennis, Andretti Autosport celebrates

Photography: Sam Bagnall/Motorsport Pictures

World Champion Jake Dennis, Andretti Autosport celebrates

Monaghan agreed that it would be useful for the purposes of the simulation engagement for Dennis to pilot the real car after a five-year break.

“We can do all the simulator work we want,” he said. “But if the simulator is an F3 car and we run one of those, your simulator correlation is not necessarily the best.”

“So we would gladly welcome any improvements to this process because it is the foundation of what we do now.”

Monaghan stressed that race drivers will not miss much because the first session during the day in Abu Dhabi does not represent the cold conditions of qualifying and the race itself.

“We postponed it that much because we didn’t necessarily know how the season would end,” he said. “So we tried to maximize the opportunities for the two race drivers, and we will put both in the position.”

“If you look at Formula 1 in terms of time of day, track and ambient temperatures, it is not representative of qualifying and the race.

“So one could argue that while it deprives the race drivers of another hour of getting used to the track in the car etc. If it were the other way around and P1 was the only session at the time of the race, it could be a really big impact.

“In reality, they will lose an hour on the track, but second place is usually more useful for preparing for the race than first place.”

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