What to expect from the Las Vegas Grand Prix

What to expect from the Las Vegas Grand Prix

It’s finally here, guys. It’s the weekend of the Las Vegas Grand Prix, the most anticipated race on the Formula 1 schedule.

There is a lot of excitement surrounding this race, with both championships postponed for weeks.

Now, that doesn’t mean there aren’t fights worth watching throughout the weekend. There certainly is, but can you imagine the excitement if there was still a championship on the line?

However, despite the excitement, there are some real concerns about how Formula 1 will impact Las Vegas. Plus, with a brand-new circuit, could all this excitement culminate in a boring Grand Prix on Saturday night?

Let’s take a look at some things to watch out for this weekend.

Formula 1 is all about the spectacles, and so is Las Vegas

Some Formula 1 races are as much about the glitz and glamor as they are about the racing. Think of Monaco for example. It’s as much about the event as it is about the race itself, which often leaves a lot to be desired.

On the show side, Las Vegas looks set to outperform even Monaco.

Sure, Vegas residents are upset and no doubt ready for this race to be in the books, but the rest of us have to get in on the show.

There will be stars galore throughout the weekend, some of whom will be appearing in Sin City and, more importantly, being seen.

Shaquille O’Neal and David Beckham will host one of the many parties taking place over the weekend.

Without a doubt, there will be some silliness as well, especially the brand that Vegas is known for. Think of all the crap that happens at Vegas Golden Knights games. Men skateboarding in suits of armor. Banner being raised using a giant slot machine.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix should have that and more.

Look at how Red Bull decided to reveal their uniform for the weekend: they’ve scaled it down to a packed nightclub.

Oh and speaking of liver…

Teams bring a special look to Sin City

A special outfit is always interesting. On the one hand, it’s fun to change it up, but on the other hand, you’ll be disappointed to see changes to the iconic suits from teams like Red Bull or Ferrari.

With this being the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix, it was pretty clear that the teams would be preparing their livers for the occasion.

And they did it. Here’s what some teams’ cars will look like this weekend.

Some pretty solid livers out there. The neon from Red Bull is gorgeous and I love that Williams went all out.

However, I am truly Like a Ferrari livery for the weekend. I have no idea what it has to do with Vegas but it sounds pretty good. When it comes to Ferraris, I usually prefer some mustard yellow on my Ferrari livery, but this red and white scheme is good enough to be their usual look.

Will the Las Vegas Grand Prix circuit bring any good racing?

Enough about the glasses and liver, we’ll all be tuning in (at ungodly hours; more on that in a second) to race.

I would say the first Grand Prix in Las Vegas will be interesting, as the kids say, but we won’t know until it happens.

Formula 1 last visited Las Vegas in the early 1980s for the United States Grand Prix and used the notoriously dull circuit built in the Caesars Palace parking lot. This new circuit uses real streets including parts of the Vegas Strip area and looks much more interesting than its predecessor.

At the very least, everyone noticed that he looked like an upside-down pig.

This circuit looks like it will be fast thanks to a couple of FRS zones and some long straights. The explosion from Turn 12 through Turn 13 (which probably wouldn’t even be a turn in a Formula 1 car) and up to Turn 14 will be brutal. So the pit will be straight and run from turn 16 to 17.

I don’t think it will exceed the level of speed we see at the Jeddah Corniche Street Circuit in Saudi Arabia, which is, “is it safe to do this”, but it is fast enough that teams with great straight-line speed like Williams have that history going on for months.

There also looks to be some great overtaking points at the end of those straights, so I think we could be in for a decent race…

…If you can stay awake to see it.

The start times for this entire race weekend at the Las Vegas Grand Prix are terrible

If there’s any city that can host a midnight race, it’s Las Vegas. The only problem is that this means that practice and qualifying sessions will be a nightmare.

The race is scheduled to start at 10pm local time on Saturday evening. You don’t need to be a middle school geography champion like me to know that this means it starts at 1 a.m. on the East Coast.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, qualifying starts at 3am one night, as does Free Practice 2. I understand that doing this makes the race more watchable around the world, plus they want the race to be under the spotlight . But don’t you think they would have liked to introduce it to viewers in America, where they are trying to grow the sport? They would have started the race at 7pm local time and it was getting dark.

So, unfortunately, many of us will have to watch some of the sessions the next morning… what a waste.

I’m eager to see how this all turns out because the Las Vegas Grand Prix is ​​unlike anything Formula 1 has done before.

If it works, great. However, if things went a little sideways — the racing was boring, or the ratings were terrible because of the start times, or they managed to piss off the locals more than they already did — it might start to look a little different in years past. To come.

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