West wilson bike car accident update

West wilson bike car accident update

West Wilson takes on dental hygiene very Seriously, as evident in his recent TikTok post.

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On Wednesday, March 6th summer house A newbie hit social media to reveal he was hit by a car while cycling in New York City. West said the incident occurred earlier that morning while he was on his way to an afternoon dentist appointment.

“Everyone has their first time in New York, you know, and I crossed one off the list today,” he said in the TikTok video. “I was hit by a car while biking. I was going through a green (light) in the bike lane and this guy just turned left. I hit the brakes hard and let my hips and torso eat the hood.”

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He continued: “But I had to get to the dentist by noon so I showed up. I was like, your hood is awesome. I am awesome.’ The poor man was about to start crying.

West Wilson insists he was ‘good’ after his traffic collision

West brushed off the incident and told fans that he was not seriously injured, but would likely “feel it in his hip” by the next day.

“I mean, fun experience, I guess. Prioritize dental health,” he said in the video, which he captioned. So we are all fine.”

West shed more light on the incident in a recent interview Established, Reiterating that it was not a serious accident. He also revealed which of his colleagues contacted him after he shared his experience online.

“I think maybe Danielle (Oliveira) texted me like, ‘Did you get hit by a car?’” he told the outlet. “But I told the closest people around me when it happened. My grandmother called me and said, “Did I just see you get hit by a car on the news?” But I played it great, obviously. You created a TikTok, which probably doesn’t sound great. But I never claimed to have been hurt to that extent, I don’t think so. “Yes, I’ve gained a little momentum.”

West Wilson talks about his romance with Ciara Miller

West made his debut on Bravo during summer house Season 8 premieres on February 22. The New York City sports journalist quickly caused a stir in the Hamptons house with his flirtatious exchange with housemate Ciara Miller.

“West impresses me, I’m not going to lie,” Ciara admitted during her Season 8 confessionals, episode one. “How many guys do you meet in New York City… you go on a date with and they literally only talk about themselves? (…) So, it’s really nice to meet someone who’s actually curious for me life.”

West said decision maker He was immediately touched by Siara and did not hesitate to share his feelings.

“I told her that at home one day… I think Ciara is very true to who she is,” he said. “I feel like everything she said was really her own opinion and thoughts. It never seemed like it was rehearsed or produced. I like that everything she felt and said was very real and original, and I like that about people.

West Wilson says he and Ciara Miller finally got ‘full sleep’

After their first date in New York City, West and Ciara took things a little further and shared a tent on Episode 5 of summer house Season 8. West said the moment “seemed very natural” and was “a neutral way to get some sleep under their belts.”

“At home, we each have our own room, but that is not the case outside,” he said. “We were sitting and eating dinner together in the same chair for about four hours, so sitting in the same tent was a very intuitive thing to do…but then it broke in, and it got a little disconnected, unfortunately.”

But fortunately for West, he and Ciara got another chance later that summer.

He revealed, “Finally, we are moving from the tent to full accommodation under one roof.” “I’m not sure how long it took, but it finally happened. I finally got there.”

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