Was it an accident? Suspicion of foul play after second autopsy in Riley Strain’s death raises ‘more questions’

Was it an accident?  Suspicion of foul play after second autopsy in Riley Strain’s death raises ‘more questions’

When 22-year-old college student Riley Strain died, 14 days after he went missing, he was found under the Cumberland River Bridge in Nashville, Tennessee, while having an exciting night out with friends. The situation surrounding his death has raised “many questions”, with the second autopsy concealing much uncertainty about the matter.

Riley Strain’s mother recalled the last conversation they had before he disappeared in Nashville. (Chris Whited via AP)

The family of the deceased do not know how to deal with the matter and resort to seeking solace by knowing the causes of the accident.

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A preliminary autopsy conducted by police showed no signs of foul play, but it also revealed no evidence that Riley drowned after leaving Luke’s Bridge Food and Drink around 9:30 p.m. However, the family has requested a second autopsy, which may give them a new perspective on their predicament. The results were horrific: water was still shining in her eyes because there was no water in her lungs. Riley may have already died when he entered/pushed into the river.

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A family friend of Riley demands an answer

Family friend Chris Dingman pleaded that the family deserves more answers. “Water in the lungs usually indicates that the person was alive when they entered the water,” Dingman told NewsNation.

Today, all the toxicology results are echoed by former skeptical friends, who speculate that by the time Reilly got into the river he was already dead.

But the mystery deepens. Riley’s family is demanding answers about the missing items: pants, shoes and wallet/purse. When Riley’s body was discovered under a rock at 7:28 a.m., those belongings were not nearby.

“Again, another question,” lamented Mr. Dingman.

Unfortunately, the only items found on him, according to the police report, were his watch and his shirt. Everything else was missing.

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The University of Missouri student was in Nashville with friends. After being kicked out of a bar for being drunk, he told his friends that he would meet them again at their hotel. However, when the group returned, Riley was nowhere to be found.

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