Viewpoint Education partners with CareerSafe LLC to highlight safety and compliance in the workplace

Viewpoint Education partners with CareerSafe LLC to highlight safety and compliance in the workplace

CareerSafe LLC, a recognized leader in online safety education, offers extensive experience and innovative solutions. The company’s unique OSHA-certified online training tools have already made great strides in promoting safer workplaces and enhancing a culture of safety and health awareness among employees across industries, especially young workers in Career and Technical Education (CTE) schools.

The next Viewpoint episode will feature key members of the CareerSafe team who will delve into the world of workplace safety and compliance. Viewers can expect to gain valuable insights into the challenges and solutions associated with ensuring a safe and compliant work environment. The episode will also showcase the impact of CareerSafe’s advanced training resources on enhancing safety practices and reducing accidents in the workplace.

“Vocational and technical schools have turned to online and on-demand CareerSafe classes because our curriculum addresses real-world challenges and everyday hazards in the workplace. Through our training, young people are able to protect themselves in the workplace, with the full force of OSHA’s supporting guidelines,” he said. For their safety Sherry Pruitt, CEO of CareerSafe. “We are thrilled to amplify this message through a national entity like Viewpoint, because our primary goal is always the same: young workers deserve to be safe in the workplace. Practical, compelling safety training is the primary way to educate and protect all workers.”

The Viewpoint loop featuring CareerSafe LLC will move into development late this year.

About Viewpoint: Viewpoint is an educational program you host Dennis Quaid, known for its in-depth exploration of a wide range of topics that inspire, educate and engage viewers. The exhibition aims to provide valuable insights in various fields, and promote a culture of learning and curiosity.

About CareerSafe LLC: CareerSafe LLC is a leading online safety education provider, providing OSHA-certified training tools and resources that enable individuals and organizations to prioritize workplace safety. With a mission to create safer and healthier work environments, CareerSafe is committed to equipping the workforce with the knowledge and skills needed to prevent accidents and injuries. depends on College Station, TexasCareerSafe is a certified Great Place to Work. For more information visit:

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