Valtteri Bottas talks about a ‘very suitable’ partnership ahead of Las Vegas

Valtteri Bottas talks about a ‘very suitable’ partnership ahead of Las Vegas

Formula 1 driver Valtteri Bottas spoke about his and Alfa Romeo’s partnership with Highland and the benefits it offers.

Hyland, an American software company that provides industry-leading technology foundations that enable its customers to create better human connections, has been a partner of Formula 1 driver Valtteri Bottas since the 2022 season.

The company is trusted by thousands of organizations around the world, including more than half of the Fortune 100 – and the Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake, which has also partnered with the brand since 2022.

Ahead of Formula 1’s third US race of the 2023 season in Las Vegas, Bottas, who joined Alfa Romeo last year himself, spoke of the benefits of the partnership.

“We have been partners for two years with Hyland personally,” Bottas said. Beyond science. “And then at the same time they also joined my team, which is really cool because I think what they do as a company and the way they find solutions for companies and/or racing teams, you see. And it’s very nice for our team to be able to use the services and benefit from them.”

Bottas also talked about how he first became acquainted with the Ohio-based brand.

“For me, it was a fun coincidence at first because Valt Fisikalio, the senior vice president of global services, is from the same city as me from Finland, so, yeah, we eventually found each other and started talking.

“Hyland was looking for a couple of athletes to be their partners, and then I think they found me and (golfer) Xander (Schauffele), and it was absolutely amazing. It all happened very naturally. It’s a great fit.”

Admittedly, Bottas was unfamiliar with the brand before the partnership began, but he knew immediately that his role as a brand ambassador with the organization made sense.

“Hyland as a brand, (I didn’t have it), but then when I heard about the programs they were doing, the companies they were working (with), then it just kind of clicked and I kind of knew what they were talking about.”

Having a successful Formula 1 driver in Bottas and a successful golfer in Schauffele as brand ambassadors makes sense for Hyland on multiple levels.

Most importantly, both sports are an innovator’s dream, given the revolutionary materials and incredible engineering feats in both.

So, ahead of the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix this weekend, Hyland challenged Bottas and Chevelle to see who knows the innovations of Formula 1 – and golf – better.

Some of their answers may surprise you.

From Alfa Romeo’s point of view, having Hyland as a partner is also beneficial.

“In our sport, data is a big thing when you are looking for improvements,” Bottas continued. “But nowadays, for example, the number of sensors that our car has, it’s almost too much. So you have to prioritize certain things, how to analyze things, and what things to focus on.

Within the team, Hyland’s benefits aren’t just evident on the racetrack.

“Also when it comes to communicating with people, Hyland provides a lot of solutions, how to be more efficient when communicating and running your meetings and schedules,” he continued. “So there are a lot of things behind the scenes that Hyland can help any company with, even a race team, that also operates as a company.”

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