Unpaid sales and poor customer service

Unpaid sales and poor customer service

In the small town of Willard, Missouri, a modest auction house has fallen into the crosshairs of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​and disgruntled customers who say they have been left in the lurch. Hidden Treasures Auction Barn LLC, co-organized by Roger Rice and Christine Roach, was issued a stern warning by the BBB after a series of complaints about unpaid auction sales, lack of communication, and substandard customer service.

A trail of unpaid sales

The BBB warning comes after several customers came forward with allegations that Hidden Treasures Auction Barn LLC failed to pay for items sold at auction. Among them is Cynthia Scotts, who claims she still owes $3,500 on a Jeep that was seized by the company’s owner, Roger Rice. Despite numerous attempts to follow up on payment, Scotts says she was met with silence.

The BBB also highlighted additional instances in which customers did not receive payment for their sold items, resulting in the company’s dismal “F” rating — the lowest possible grade.


Beyond financial disputes, customers also expressed frustration with the company’s lack of communication and poor customer service. Scotts, for example, says that when she was finally able to contact Price about the Jeep, he claimed it had mechanical problems and offered to return it. However, she says she has not yet seen the car and has not received any compensation.

The BBB warning advises consumers to use caution when doing business with Hidden Treasures Auction Barn LLC, emphasizing the importance of thoroughly researching companies before entering into any transactions.

Growing anxiety

As the number of complaints against Hidden Treasures Auction Barn LLC continues to grow, so too does concern among residents of Willard and surrounding areas. The BBB warning is a stark reminder of the potential pitfalls that can come with auction transactions and the importance of due diligence.

For her part, Scotts took her case to the police and the Missouri Attorney General’s Office in an attempt to recoup her losses. As the situation develops, it remains to be seen whether Hidden Treasures Auction Barn LLC will address the complaints and work to improve its standing with the BBB and the community.

Meanwhile, the Central Bank of Bahrain’s warning serves as a cautionary tale for consumers, emphasizing the need for vigilance and research before entering into business transactions with unfamiliar companies.

As the sun sets on another day in Willard, an auction house that once promised hidden treasures now finds itself mired in controversy, its future uncertain and its reputation tarnished. For those left feeling shortchanged, the search for justice continues, a reminder that sometimes, the true cost of a treasure can only be revealed after the hammer falls.

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