Transfer of ownership News, sports, jobs

Transfer of ownership  News, sports, jobs

Property transfers were recorded in Trumbull County from October 30 to November. 3:


linda s. Cunningham and Samuel B. Troyer to Kayla Sawyers, 34439 Eagles Loft C, $116,000.

Linda Jeffrion and Bruce Miller to Levi Wilson and Melinda Wilson, 1038 Wilson Sharpsville Road, $225,000.


Dennis I. Shipman to Katrina N. Doll and Dylan W. Doll, 2180 Flagg Road East, $175,000


James Lopez to Christian Spreitzer and Rose Spreitzer, 1943 Preeceville Robinson Road, $306,000.


Mission Street Homes LLC to David W. Miller, 6991 Amy Boyle Road, $324,680.

Michael J. Hannat to Thomas W. Pattison and Carrie Pattison, 8145 Olb St., $35,000.

It’s Five O’clock Somewhere LLC to Kelsey Francis, 7162 Lee Road, $160,000

By Eric L. Zamary to Alex J. Janosik, 469 Golf Drive, $156,000

Timothy S. Scheuer and Cheryl A. Scheuer to Timothy J. Brown and Christy L. Brown, 445 Cleveland Ave., $50,000

Judith Mary Vanney and Michael Vanney to Robert L. Michaeltree and Patricia A. Michaeltree, 846 State Route 7, $149,000


Kirk A. Tenney to Buildrite Enterprises LLC, Bristol Champion Townline Road, $32,000.

Gregory J. Nyaku to GMP LLC, 5085 Kala St., $142,100.

Juliana Downey to Tyler A. Bartlett and Brittany Heatherly, Woodside Drive, $108,000

Harold Yahnert and Celia Yahnert to David M. Yahnert and Sherry Wensel, 5779 Emerson Ave., $62,000.

George F. Antonel and Etta T. Antonel to Joseph J. Hostetler Jr., Oak Hill Drive, $50,000


Cortland Savings and Banking Corporation to the Joint Sanitary District of Trumbull County, 184 Main St., $550,000.

Kerry E. Perry/Akinson to William E. Sumner, 144 Turquoise Drive, $150,000


Renee A. Watts to David Shelley, 412 Wilson St., $56,000

Olga Seranovich to Gladys Welsh Hopkins, 600 Broadway Ave., $163,000

Jordan M. Hogg to Andre Harvey, Crumlin Road, $107,000

Jib-Jab Inc. to Dirk Doverspike, 405 State St., $229,000.

Dirk Doverspike to DAB Ohio LLC, 405 State St., $200,000.

James L. Clark II and William J. Simpson to Freedom Mortgage Company, 117 Howard St., $95,050.


USA Professionals Inc., a Montana corporation, to R. Joseph Investments LLC, 2817 DeForest Road, $28,000.

Brandy L. Badancik to Alexander V. Siesta and Skye. Kennedy Snodgrass, 7771 Glen Oaks Drive, $214,000

From Jane E. Thomas to Tyler Chapin and Alex M. Chapin, 3019 Gretchen Drive, $202,500

From Paul R. Saban Jr. to Kenneth Norris, 2297 Stillwagon Road, $159,800.

Marohit Land Company Limited to Gregory E. Valent and Tricia T. Valent, Mines Road, $50,000

Christine J. Vanoverbeek to Eric Bauer, 567 Laurelwood Drive, $215,000

it is cold

Jason S. Cohol and Rena A. Cohol to Thomas Novosel, 272 Fifth Ave., $135,000

Lou Ann Rush to Cathy L. Cerdenak, 548 Moore St., $148,000

Gregory E. Peterson to James A. Sharpa, 345 Grandview Ave., 90,000

William W. Warren II to Nicole A. West, Applegate Road, $110,000

Nancy Spirko to On the Flip LLC, RISI Investments LLC, 747 Jones St., $80,000.

Tracy J. Spangler to Danielle Vanderslice and Jenna Vanderslice, 205 Princeton Ave., $265,000.


Gloria A. Davis to Roy A. Glover and Nancy E. Glover, 10319 State Route 5, $150,000


Jill Platt to Carlos Aguilar and Latonya Tate, 1404 Shannon Road, $140,000.


By Vivian F. Morgan to Andrew Thornton and Tonya M. Thomas, 6570 Woodridge Road, $345,000

Brandon M. Behnke and Tracy L. Behnke to Thomas M. Smith II and Melissa M. Smith, 2762 Selkirk Bush Road, $250,000

Dennis M. Higgins to Michael D. Infante, Rural Run Road, $32,000


From James Moore to Michael C. Hanbeck and Sarah Hanbeck, Brigden Road, $26,000

johnny a. Weaver and Malinda Weaver to Samuel R. Kempf, 5201 Parks West Road, $200,000


Gerald A. Drake to Riley Jean Investments LLC, 416 Arlington Ave., $93,000

Richard Kenney and Valerie Kenney to Jordan Clay Pfleger, Prichard Alltown Road, $36,000


Mary Ann Flaviano to Daniela Becerra, 601 Ann Ave., $52,000

From Frank A. Julian to Aaron N. Hunt, 78 Popular Ave., $115,000

Richard Corey to U.S. Bank National Association, West State Street, $45,100

Timothy J. Clokey and Diana L. Clokey to Brian Blaine, 38 Wilson St., $133,000

M. Walker Investments LLC to Nikia Renee Lee Weedon and Eric Allen, 193 Camrose Drive, $164,900.

james a. Tedesco and Marcy L. Conte to Waldo C. Sigley Jr. and Sherry A. Sigley, 172 Camrose Drive, $166,000

Lahn T. Tran to Don M. Monroe, 134 W. Third St., $85,000


Ray Lockhart Jr. and Janet M. Lockhart to Andy J. Miller and Laura D. Miller, 2115 State Route 534, $241,000.


Nancy L. Perkins to Robert J. DeFrancis and Sharon L. DeFrancis, 3850 Northwoods, Unit 3, $99,100

Tyler J. Upchurch to Geoffrey D. Lunt, 3225 Bon Air St., $162,500

By Judith A. Vogel to Sarah Campbell and Natalie Campbell, Idyllwild Road, $93,800

Tyler J. Turnbull to Ryan Kline and Natalie Richards, 370 Fairmount Ave., $194,000.

Stillman B. Rockwell and Jean L. Rockwell to Ashley Leno and Philip Leno, 3150 Halsey Drive, $200,000.

Darla O. Carbone to George F. Raptis, 3121 Idyllwild Road, $39,000

Kevin Armand Williams and Velenika Farshon Williams to Abbot Edward Bromfield and Christine Murray, $114,900.

Ronnie M. Simon and Richard W. Sheppard Jr. to Ronnie M. Simon, 2544 Woodland Ave., $64,850.


From Robin J. Wilkes to Anthony D. Fabian and Ellen J. Fabian, 1993 Alltown Girard Road, $235,000

CCG Inc. to Chelsey N. Santucci, 2278 Crestmont Drive, $29,000.

Apostolic Bible Church of Weathersfield LTD, West Liberty Street, $45,000

Lundin Real Estate Investments LLC. To Barbara J. Ruhland, 3386 MacDonald Ave., $29,000

Jack W. Stout to Jordan Brown and Crystal Brown, 1711 Salt Springs Road, $213,000.

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