This 8-Year-Old Horror Series Just Got Its Best Movie Yet in 2023 (But You Probably Missed it)

This 8-Year-Old Horror Series Just Got Its Best Movie Yet in 2023 (But You Probably Missed it)


  • Hell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael Manor is the best film in the series yet, breaking with tradition and pointing to a bright future for the franchise.
  • The new setting of Carmichael Manor brings a new atmosphere and new lore, creating truly edge-of-your-seat tension and delivering the most terrifying entry in the series to date.
  • The fourth film connects to the first three films through references to the Abaddon Hotel and delves into the origins of the haunting clown costumes, leaving room for future franchise films to explore new locales while continuing to delve into established traditions.

This 8-year-old horror film has quietly released its best film yet. While newcomers to Hill House LLC While the franchise may have missed the launch of the latest franchise film entirely, they shouldn’t sleep on this surprisingly strong installment. The first film in director Stephen Cognetti’s found footage horror series arrived on streaming platforms in 2016 after making some waves in the Telluride horror show. It takes place in a rural area of ​​upstate New York. Hill House LLC It follows a group of Halloween haunted house builders as they prepare to open their titular attraction in an abandoned location: the Abaddon Hotel. The film is presented as a documentary, and narrates the strange events that plague the crew.

Finally, he claimedDamage” resulted in the deaths of 15 people, both sightseeers and Hell House staff, although details of the case were never made public. As the documentary crew delves deeper into the tragedy, more is revealed about the Abaddon Hotel’s prior actions.Hell house past. All of this sets the stage for the less-than-well-received sequel, which reworks the documentary angle to provide greater insight into the history of Abaddon and its cult leader, its owner, Andrew Tully. Fortunately, the fourth installment of the horror series breaks with tradition, resulting in… Hill House LLCThe best movie yet, and it all points to a bright future for the series.

Hell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael Manor is the best Hell House LLC film yet

Once again written and directed by Cognetti, Hell House LLC Origins: Carmichael Mansion He trades the Abaddon Hotel for the first three films for the titular mansion. The Carmichael Mansion, also located in a remote area of ​​Rockland County, New York, was the site of the 1989 Carmichael family murders – a fact that intrigues horror detective Margot (Bridget Rose Perrotta). With her friend Rebecca (Destiny Leilani Brown) and her brother Chase (James Liddell) along for the ride, Margot books five nights at the Haunted Mansion, camera in hand. The group’s footage has been linked to other found footage sources, including home videos of murder victim Katherine Carmichael.

Occasionally, Hell House Origins LLC The franchise’s signature found footage format is hampered. Margot, Rebecca, and Chase all make great amateur choices, often replicating the poor decision-making found in the first three Hill House LLC films. Aside from tired genre tropes, Carmichael Manor It manages to be the best (and scariest) entry in the series, thanks in large part to the new setting. Fans have a lot of experience with the design of the Abaddon Hotel, so Carmichael Manor provides a fresh atmosphere and new lore, allowing the film to build real edge-of-your-seat tension. not to mention, Hell House Origins LLC He throws in the best series of jump scares for good measure.

How Hell House LLC Origins connects to the Hotel Abaddon of the first three films

Hell House LLC Clown Origins

Hell House LLC Origins: Carmichael Mansion It serves as a prequel, a sequel, and a subsidiary of the other Hill House LLC films. in Hell House LLC II: Abaddon Hotel, a group of journalists break into the titular residence to find out more about what happened to the Hell House team. However, more is revealed about Andrew Tully, the leader of a Satan-worshiping cult who owned the Abaddon Hotel before his past tragedies. Hell House LLC III: Lake of FireAt the same time, it approximates Hill House LLC The trilogy sees a theater group perform an immersive show in Abaddon, and viewers appear to learn everything there is to know about Tully.

while Hell House Origins LLC He leaves the ruins of the Hotel Abaddon behind (particularly since it collapsed at the end of the third film), and does not sever all contact. Early on, the caretaker of Carmichael Manor drops the name of the Abaddon Hotel and tells Margot and Rebecca that the local antique store has taken over the hotel property. When visiting an antiques collector’s shop, Rebecca discovers a hidden compartment in the grandfather clock seized from Abaddon, filled with photographic evidence of Andrew Tully’s connection to the former residents of Carmichael Manor. In particular, the fourth film delves into the origins of the series’ haunting clown costumes.

Where to stream Hell House LLC originals

Hell House LLC's assets are still in my brother's bedroom

Very similar Hell House LLC II: Abaddon Hotel And Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire, Hell House LLC Origins: Carmichael Mansion It streams exclusively on Shudder, which also served as the distributor for all three films. After a limited theatrical release on October 24, 2023, Hell House Origins LLC Hit Shudder on October 30. While viewers can subscribe to Shudder on their own for $5.99 per month, there are also several bundles available through related streaming services, such as AMC+, and streamers with additional premium channels, such as Amazon Prime Video and YouTube TV. .

Hell House LLC Origins: Carmichael Manor provides a template for future franchise films

The origins of Hell House LLC are still in the bedroom

Given its episodic nature, IV Hill House LLC Not only is it fun fan service with connections to the first three films, but it’s a solid standalone watch. So he said, The Carmichael Manor It provides a great template for future franchise films. Although each installment introduces a new cast of characters, this one gives viewers a completely new environment to explore. The remote mansion, lacking cellular service or even a stable Wi-Fi connection, effectively isolates its characters, while the interior of the house is a maze of dark hallways and claustrophobic rooms. Effective in building atmosphere and spreading scares, the setting also does away with what made the other parts feel tired.

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Vaccination of Hill House LLC The franchise in a new setting is not only good for the fourth film, but also for future installments of the franchise. There’s no doubt that the second and third films jumped the shark when it came to Tully, his gateway to hell, and the rest of the low-budget lore. but, Origins You unearth new information about Tully as his story builds on a pre-determined history, most notably, the clowns who haunt the series’ many halls. This approach future-proofs this Hill House LLC The films can do something new — in a new setting — while still delving into the established mythology and characters of the series.

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