The Warrnambool community is rallying around Tyson Purcell, a father of two, who was injured in a horrific workplace accident

The Warrnambool community is rallying around Tyson Purcell, a father of two, who was injured in a horrific workplace accident

By Lisa Edser for Daily Mail Australia

08:21 11 February 2024, updated 08:21 11 February 2024

A father of two has been left seriously injured and bedridden after a horrific workplace accident, opening up a long road to recovery for him.

Tyson Purcell, 32, was working on a farm in Ilwa, Warrnambool, on Victoria’s southwest coast, on January 31 when the accident happened.

The young father was tying his belt over the water tank when he took the wrong step and fell 2.5 meters onto the concrete below.

The self-employed pump and irrigation specialist landed on the back of his head.

Mr Purcell suffered multiple injuries including a fractured skull, bleeding on the brain and a cut to his left thigh.

Father-of-two Tyson Purcell (pictured) has a long road to recovery ahead of him
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The self-employed worker also affected the opening at the base of his skull, where the spinal cord connects to the brain, called the foramen magnum.

The father was initially treated locally but was then transferred to The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne where he remained for several days.

After being discharged from hospital, Mr Purcell now has at least three months of bed rest to recover.

Doctors hope that the brain hemorrhage and fractures will heal, and there is a possibility that the father will need rehabilitation.

The irrigation worker has been told he is now at increased risk of having a stroke or seizure due to the brain bleed he continues to suffer.

Mr Purcell’s fiancée, Jess Evans, has taken time off work but has no leave entitlements left, meaning the young family has no source of income at the moment.

Family friend Mel Hawley told the couple are in a difficult situation at the moment.

Ms Hawley said Mr Purcell’s movement was limited and “extremely cumbersome”.

‘It’s a long way. “He was told three months but who knows, honestly, how long he might not be able to work or drive.”

Ms Evans, a special needs support worker, cares for her fiancé and keeps track of their two children, aged 10 and 8, and two dogs.

Ms Hawley said the mother was keeping track of the children, organizing school drop-offs and also taking her fiancé to appointments, making her exhausted.

Friends, family and the local community have rallied around Tyson and his fiancée Jess (pictured with their family)

Making matters worse is the fear that something else could happen to Purcell, such as a stroke, and negatively affect Mrs. Evans.

Ms Hawley described the couple as “more than generous and the first to help others”.

Ms Hawley has set up an online fundraiser to help pay for ongoing medical bills.

“I’m raising money for this amazing family, so they can focus on their recovery, without the stress of wondering how to put food on the table, fuel their car for specialist visits in Melbourne, or pay for multiple doctors/physiotherapists.” “Invoices,” the page says

“Anyone who knows Tyson and Jess knows they would happily give the shirt off their back to someone else.

Mrs Evans thanked the family, friends and community members who rallied together to support the family as they try to get back on their feet.

More than $5,700 was raised.

She added: “Health is our number one priority right now, so it’s nice to know that the kindness of others means that we, as a family, can focus on healing without the burden of stressing about how to pay for all future medical appointments.” Evans said.

Ms Hawley added that the positive response to the fundraising campaign shows the kind of people the couple are.

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