The UAE delegation meets with the White House to strengthen bilateral relations in science, technology and space

The UAE delegation meets with the White House to strengthen bilateral relations in science, technology and space

Washington, DC: Omran Sharaf, UAE Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Advanced Affairs Sciences Technology, led by A Delegation of the United Arab Emirates To Washington, D.C., to hold meetings with a group of senior government and private sector officials to discuss ways to further enhance cooperation in priority areas across science, technology and space, as well as explore other emerging opportunities.
The meetings also discussed enhancing common interests between the UAE and the United States by developing strategies to enhance the prospects for bilateral cooperation.
The delegation’s visit began with a meeting with officials from the State Department, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, the National Space Council, and members of the United States Congress. Capitol Hill. The visit included meetings with the National Science Foundation, the National Academy of Sciences, and the Science and Technology Policy Institute.
Sharaf held a dinner with the US-UAE Business Council and the UAE Embassy in Washington, D.C., attended by government officials, research centers, and a number of leading entities from the private sector.
Discussions centered around exploring opportunities to enhance cooperation in the field of science and technology, emphasizing the importance of joint development of knowledge with their counterparts in the United States.
During the visit, he emphasized the deep cooperation that already exists with the United States in a range of sectors, including clean energy, food security, artificial intelligence, and space.
“The UAE delegation shared with our American counterparts our strategic vision to promote advanced technology, science and space diplomacy between our two countries. The UAE and the United States already share strong diplomatic relations in the field of advanced technology and science. This cooperation comes within the framework of the strategic partnership between the two countries. Sharaf said that the close friendship between our two countries It confirms our joint commitment to work to enhance cooperation in priority sectors.
“The mission was also a welcome opportunity to advance our common interests, as well as demonstrate how our countries can work together to achieve economic prosperity and address pressing global issues such as climate change, food security and multilateral action,” he added.
The UAE delegation to Washington, DC, included Nouf Al Hameli, Science and Technology Advisor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and a number of senior officials and experts in this field.

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