The SEC dismisses the lawsuit against SkiHawk Capital Partners, LLC, The Convergence Group, and all defendants.

The SEC dismisses the lawsuit against SkiHawk Capital Partners, LLC, The Convergence Group, and all defendants.

Colorado Springs, Colorado, November 20, 2023(BUSINESS WIRE)–We are pleased to announce that our legal team, led by attorney Paul Vorndran of Jones & Keller, has successfully secured the dismissal of all claims in the SEC’s lawsuit against SkiHawk. Capital Partners, LLC, The Convergence Group, LLC (TCG), Clement Borkowski, Sean Hawkins, and Joseph Schiff.

Through our dedicated legal defense team, we effectively demonstrated that the allegations made by the SEC were without merit and that the disclosure documents provided to investors accurately depicted the alleged conflicts, asset values ​​and other business dynamics, contrary to the SEC’s allegations. Our defense emphasized the fact that we fully disclosed all material information, our reliance on the advice of corporate and securities legal counsel, and the fact that we retained reputable CPA firms that conducted the audits.

“We are very pleased with this outcome after nearly 6 years of interaction with the SEC on this matter,” said Sean Hawkins, a principal at SkiHawk and managing director of TCG. “We were confident that when the facts came to light, we would ultimately be vindicated that the SEC’s allegations were simply factually wrong. It was our faith in God, our strong conviction in the truth, and our trust in our legal counsel that brought us to this conclusion,” Hawkins adds: “It was like a David versus Goliath situation. “The federal government has unlimited resources.”

Our legal team was ultimately able to inform the SEC of his inability to prove any of the 10 allegations detailed in his complex complaint. This positive result embodies our unwavering commitment to providing administrative services with a resolute and consistent defense to protect the interests of the companies we serve.

Convergence Group is an alternative asset management firm headquartered in Puerto Rico with management personnel in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Convergence Group provides strategic, providential leadership in everything we do. Specializing in healthcare development and management, blockchain, and real estate related enterprises. For more information about The Convergence Group, visit its website at:

The case number is 1:21-cv-01776.

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