The key to producing an ‘all-new’ car for Sauber’s first post-Alfa Romeo season · RaceFans

The key to producing an ‘all-new’ car for Sauber’s first post-Alfa Romeo season · RaceFans

Alfa Romeo team representative Alessandro Alloni Bravi admitted that there is a fundamental problem with the C43 that is hindering the team’s ability to compete in qualifying and races.

The team, which is run by Sauber and will lose Alfa Romeo support at the end of this year, will produce an all-new design for 2024.

“We simply missed some performance during the race,” Aloni Bravi explained. “We need to investigate and understand this, because this is a recurring problem during this season, where we have been fast in qualifying and the race and vice versa.”

He continued: “Therefore, this is part of the analysis that we have to do, and what we need to understand the car for next season, because I do not think that this situation will change if we are not able to fix it, in the appropriate ways.” Technical solutions to this problem.

“It’s not about the balance of the car, it’s the overall package that we need to improve,” he added. “We lack control, especially in high-speed corners. This has been one of our weaknesses this season.”

Both Alfa Romeo drivers failed to advance beyond the first qualifying section for last weekend’s Brazilian Grand Prix, although Valtteri Bottas managed to reach the second round of qualifying for the sprint race. However, he finished this race in 19th place, two places behind his teammate Qu Guanyu, and both drivers then retired from the Grand Prix due to technical problems.

The Hinwell-based side are pinning their hopes in 2024 on the contributions that returning manager James Key can make. He previously held the position from 2010 to 2012, most recently working for McLaren and is now busy working on next year’s Alfa Romeo.

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“First and foremost, we are really happy to have James on our team,” Aloni Bravi said. “It started in the first week of September, so it also contributes to next year’s car, in our C44.

“We reviewed the entire project with him. Thanks to his experience, we made an in-depth analysis of all areas of the car and made decisions.

He continued: “So next year’s car will not be an evolution of this year’s car, because we believe that there are some limitations in this concept that we cannot exploit further.

“We will actually have a completely new car from the chassis to the suspension, everything, all the areas. Of course, it is easy to identify problems, but then you have to be able to solve them.

“So we are working hard, and the group is growing. We have new appointments that will join us, and they will also be able to contribute to next year’s car, but the answer will be available to all of us next year in Bahrain.”

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