The former Asher wants to drain the Georgia lake where his son was killed

The former Asher wants to drain the Georgia lake where his son was killed

The ex-wife of R&B singer Usher has urged officials to drain Georgia’s largest lake, where her 11-year-old son was killed by a jet ski in 2012.

Tamika Foster, 52, has collected more than 3,300 signatures since May 30 on a petition calling for “urgent action to address the risks” associated with Lake Sidney Lanier in Georgia. Foster believes that “it is necessary to drain, thoroughly clean and restore water and implement enhanced safety measures” in the lake to ensure the well-being of people participating in water activities and personal recreation.

Foster’s son Kyle Glover, who was floating on an inner tube towed by a pontoon boat on the lake, was struck by a motorcycle. Kyle was airlifted to Children’s Healthcare at Eggleston Hospital in Atlanta. He had no brain activity when Asher, who helped raise the boy since he was 4, joined Foster at the hospital. Kyle was removed from life support two weeks after the accident.

Jeffrey Hubbard, a close friend of Kyle’s father (Bounce TV founder Ryan Glover), was reportedly riding the jet ski erratically when the accident occurred. He was convicted in 2014 of homicide aboard a vessel, serious injury to a vessel, reckless operation and unlawful operation of a personal watercraft, and was cited for a boat traffic violation.

According to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, between 1994 and 2018, heavy traffic on the lake caused more than 170 boating and drowning deaths. The US Coast Guard said that boating accidents in the United States killed 636 people last year and injured more than 2,200 others. Alcohol consumption often plays a role.

Kyle’s stepmother, Marsha Glover, cried as she told the jury that Hubbard was riding the jet ski recklessly before crashing into Kyle and his 15-year-old friend. The friend survived the accident but suffered a cut to her head and a broken arm.

“He was pacing back and forth, screaming without standing on the jet ski. It’s really crazy and erratic,” Glover told the court.

Glover said she and her husband, who was at the helm of the pontoon boat towing their son’s inner tube, saw Hubbard racing toward them.

“I looked up and saw Jeff coming like he was coming straight toward the boat,” she said. “And before I knew it, there was a big cloud of water.”

She told the court that seconds later they realized he had hit the children.

Lake Lanier is located an hour outside of Atlanta and covers an area of ​​60 square miles and is up to 160 feet deep. It provides drinking water to about 5 million people, according to the Chattahoochee River Conservation Group. At the south end of the lake is Buford Dam, which generates hydroelectric power for the Atlanta metro area.

“Lake Lanier has a dark and sordid past, marked by many tragic incidents that resulted in the loss of innocent lives,” Foster’s petition said. “One such incident involves the heartbreaking loss of my 11-year-old son, Kyle Glover, whose life was tragically ended in a preventable JetSki accident…. This incident, among other things, underscores the urgent need for appropriate zoning, safety And monitoring comprehensive repair procedures inside the lake.

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