The Expendables 3 The accident that almost killed Jason Statham

The Expendables 3 The accident that almost killed Jason Statham

One Mercenaries 3 A trick that almost killed Jason Statham. Expendables The films were released with the mission statement of being likable throwbacks to the action films of yesteryear. Instead of superheroes or visual effects-heavy action sequences, it was sold on the star power of veteran action artists like Sylvester Stallone — who also created the series — Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jet Li and others. If Stallone is the main star of the series, Jason Statham comes in second place. By the time the first film was released in 2010, the British star had inherited the baton from the action icons of old.

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starting from Transporter In films, Statham has lent his martial arts skills to hit films such as crank And mechanical. With Stallone stepping down from the series with the expected Consumable 4It was only natural that Statham would become his successor. Given the nature Consumable 3 Story, Statham is somewhat underutilized in the story. He’s mainly absent from the middle act of Part 2, but he’s still one of the highlights of the film. during filming Mercenaries 3One of the moves that seemed simple was almost fatal for the actor.

Jason Statham’s Expendables 3 incident explained

Expendables 3 crew behind the scenes

during Consumable 3 Chapter 1 The titular crew heads to Somalia on a mission. Things quickly go wrong and they find themselves in an intense chase with… Consumable 3 Stonebanks’ evil minions. Statham’s Christmas drives the flatbed truck they are trying to escape in, and the scene culminates in him pulling it over and the team shooting their pursuers. This piece was filmed in Bulgaria, and during a rehearsal, Statham’s truck’s brakes failed to stop and it fell off the pier into the Black Sea.

Statham – a former diver who competed for England at the 1990 Commonwealth Games – managed to get out through the open window. However, in recalling the incident to Red Notice (via Evening standard), revealing that his gun holster had jammed, which naturally made him panic. Fortunately, he was released and taken to safety Consumable 3 crew. Statham quickly dried off, changed into new clothes and finished filming the rest of the sequence as planned.

Statham’s Expendables 3 incident ‘puts things into perspective’

Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) looks sideways in the official trailer for Fast X.

During press tours for Mercenaries 3Statham and the rest of the cast narrate the incident as if it were an entertaining piece of trivia. She left a mark on the actor who gave her name Mercenaries 3 “accident”Bad and bad experienceBut he also added that it was “… Which puts things into perspective“Statham said”It’s a real recalibration of everything. From that day on, I came to appreciate life and the ability to walk the earth. Considering that some movie accidents can cause permanent injury and death, Statham was at least able to extract something positive from this terrifying near-miss.

Source: IGN, Red Bulletin (via The Evening Standard)

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