TechBio Firm Owkin and the AWS GenAI and Drug Discovery team

TechBio Firm Owkin and the AWS GenAI and Drug Discovery team

Tech Bio Company Yes It has chosen Amazon Web Services as its primary cloud provider.

The company will use AWS’s storage options, data security measures and computing capabilities to develop generative AI applications and accelerate drug discovery, clinical trials and AI diagnostics, the companies said in a press release issued on Friday (February 9).

Integrating Owkin’s R&D with AWS’s cloud infrastructure and services will help TechBio unlock insights from patient data in hospitals and research centers, while maintaining privacy and security, Thomas Clausel, co-founder and CEO of Owkin, said in the release.

“Beyond our cutting-edge technologies, our strongest asset lies in the power of collective intelligence through collaboration,” Clauzel said. “Collaborating with AWS enables us to harness the power, security, and flexibility of the cloud, opening up new possibilities for our research initiatives.”

Owkin will use Amazon SageMaker to build, train, and deploy machine learning models, process data at scale, and deploy its AI solutions to users, according to the release.

The company will also use AWS infrastructure to build and deploy its applications, as well as experiment with AWS chipsets designed for the cloud, the statement said.

Owkin will have complete control over its data, backed by data encryption, as well as specialized hardware and software that prevents outside access. It will also have compliance controls that help partners meet regulatory requirements around the world, according to the release.

“The cloud and the emergence of computational biochemistry have dramatically accelerated the pace of innovation in healthcare and life sciences, and applying generative AI enables another huge leap forward,” Dan Sheeran, general manager of healthcare and life sciences at AWS, said in the release.

PYMNTS Intelligence finds that the emergence of generative AI will reshape important aspects of healthcare, from drug discovery and diagnosis to care delivery.

Startups specializing in generative AI will help transform the sector, according to a PYMNTS Intelligence study.Generative AI can advance health and revolutionize healthcare“.

In another move in the healthcare space, AWS said in July that it would launch a tool that uses speech recognition and generative artificial intelligence to generate clinical documentation. AWS HealthScribe saves doctors time by summarizing patient visits.

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