Team bosses will “dictate” changes to the sprint format regardless of the drivers’ opinions

Team bosses will “dictate” changes to the sprint format regardless of the drivers’ opinions

Lando Norris says drivers’ concerns about Formula 1’s racing formula are unlikely to factor into any future changes to it.

The series held its final drag race of the 2023 season at Interlagos today. But the top three finishers, who were separated by 13.6 seconds after the 24-lap race, had little to say about the final racing event.

Amid reports that the drag racing format will be changed again for the 2024 Formula 1 season, today’s winner Max Verstappen reiterated his complete dislike of the format.

“Just a normal racing weekend, please, thank you,” he said. “I’m not interested in any change. I don’t like it.”

However, Norris, who reiterated Verstappen’s preference for a regular race weekend format earlier this weekend, said drivers’ feelings about it would not make a difference to what F1 decides to do next year.

“It doesn’t matter what we say,” the McLaren driver explained. “Our choices rarely have a huge impact on anything, especially with this. Everything seems to be dictated by the team bosses and what they want to do and what they choose to do.

While Formula 1 described the system as an opportunity for drivers to go strong from start to finish without having to take strategy into account, Verstappen said he had to step back and take care of his tires on every lap of today’s race.

But Norris wondered whether racing would be improved by encouraging drivers to go flat all the time.

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“I think if everyone is pushing hard, I think you’ll probably see less overtakes than you would today. In that sense, you’re simply asking for a more boring race, which is not what you want.

“So I think what we had today was tough and probably not the most fun, you don’t feel like you’re pushing as much, but you’re still riding at the limit of the control you have and all that stuff.” Things. It’s still a challenge for us behind the wheel. I think it’s exciting for the people who are doing it right and the people who are not doing it right.

“But if you don’t have any degradation at all, I’d probably say you won’t be able to overtake once for the entire race.”

Sergio Pérez also believes that the format has not been successful in its current guise. He believes introducing reverse grid racing, something F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has repeatedly called for, is worth considering.

“If they want to maintain this form of speed racing, we have to change it,” he said. “I would suggest a reverse grid, something like this, to make it more interesting for fans.

“Because I don’t think it works, what we want to achieve. Nothing really happens in this type of racing.”

Perez said races on the reverse grid “will mix things up and create more chances and more overtakes.” “If we want to keep this format, let’s try something completely different. Because I think over the last couple of years, this type of event hasn’t brought a lot of good racing.

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