Stewards urge reform of ‘thoroughly unsatisfactory’ track limits enforcement · F1 · RaceFans

Stewards urge reform of ‘thoroughly unsatisfactory’ track limits enforcement · F1 · RaceFans

United States Grand Prix stewards have urged the FIA ​​to find better ways to enforce track limits after noting that some violations had gone unpunished at that race.

Haas requested a review of the race results because they believed the stewards had overlooked multiple track boundary violations by rival drivers. The hosts rejected their claim on several points, including the team’s failure to provide convincing new evidence to support their claim.

However, stewards admitted that some video footage provided by Haas showed track limit violations that were not observed during the race. They expressed their dissatisfaction with their inability to implement the rules with the information available at the time of the race, which was held more than two weeks ago.

“Despite the official outcome of this decision, the stewards have seen individual evidence showing what appear to be potential track boundary violations at the apex of Turn 6,” they noted. “They find their inability to properly enforce the current standard for lane limits for all competitors completely unsatisfactory and therefore strongly recommend to all concerned that a solution should be deployed to prevent this widespread problem from reoccurring quickly.”

While many races passed without any disputes over track boundaries, some witnessed a large number of violations. The stewards deleted 35 laps for track limit violations in Austin, but other grands prix saw more: 51 in Qatar and 84 in Austria.

Moderators believe there are a range of options to implement the solution. “Whether the problem is properly addressed through better technical solutions, course adjustments, some combination thereof, or different standards of organization and implementation, supervisors are leaving it up to those in a better position to make such assessments,” they said.

But moderators made it clear that a solution was urgently needed. He added: “Based on the timing of this decision, it is clear that a complete resolution cannot happen this year in practical terms.

“However, given the number of different circuits where major track confinement issues have emerged this season, and recognizing that the FIA ​​and the circuits have already made great strides, additional solutions must be found before the start of the 2024 season.”

After the Austrian Grand Prix, where the result was subject to a protest by Aston Martin regarding track boundary violations, stewards said they “strongly recommend a solution to the track boundary situation at this circuit”.

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