Spread over 54,000 square metres, Zaha Hadid Architects’ new Science Center in Singapore aims to become a major landmark in the Jurong Lake District

Spread over 54,000 square metres, Zaha Hadid Architects’ new Science Center in Singapore aims to become a major landmark in the Jurong Lake District

Singapore, Singapore

Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) in collaboration with Architects 61, the new Science Center in Singapore consists of five interlocking rectangular volumes housing a variety of galleries, interactive laboratories and event spaces as well as additional visitor facilities, administrative offices and archives. And service areas.

Singapore Science Center by ZHA

The new Science Center in Singapore will provide unique facilities and programs as a destination for all Singaporeans to access science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and experiences.

The new science center will continue the foundation’s mission since its founding in 1977 to spark curiosity and innovation in generations of young school children and
She plans to take advantage of the new location and facilities to expand outreach
Singaporeans of all ages experience and appreciate the importance of science and
Technology in their lives.

Given the landscape of Jurong Lake Gardens in Singapore, the
The new Science Center looks to the future and increases opportunities for visitors
Interact with the surrounding gardens and lake.

Singapore Science Center by ZHA

Includes large windows that act as “monoglasses” providing strategic views of
Lake, each of the Science Center’s five new volumes is uniquely oriented to enhancing the relationships between the Center’s interior and exterior spaces.

The design appears to float above the surrounding gardens, defining a series of courtyards and gardens leading from the adjacent subway station towards the pagoda within the Chinese Garden.

Along with various indoor, outdoor and rooftop spaces for learning, the new Science Center will be an exciting meeting place for science and nature as well as providing many opportunities for community events.

Singapore Science Center by ZHA

The new science center will feature a children’s exhibit twice as large
The current exhibit size and includes its own outdoor interactive water rides
area and discovery trails in the secondary forest as well as a sensory trail on the roof

Older students can look forward to entering specialist laboratories and workshops
Which encourages hands-on learning of scientific concepts.

For example, the new Eco-Lab will support students in scientific investigations, where they can retrieve and analyze samples taken directly from the Eco-Garden and continue to monitor data collected from the samples using Internet of Things (IoT) equipment using their personal tools. learning devices at school or at home, extending their learning experiences beyond their visit.

Singapore Science Center by ZHA

Through its programs and exhibits, the center will also educate visitors about sustainable practices such as vertical farming systems.

The new science center will contain a new observatory for budding astronomers
Learn about the universe, plus a digital fabrication lab with incubator programs
To foster entrepreneurial aspirations and a space for young inventors to bring their imagination to life.

The new outdoor activity plaza will serve as a focal point for the center and offer STEM programs and community activities.

The new science center in Singapore is expected to be completed by the end of 2027.

Project: New Science Center in Singapore
Architects: Zaha Hadid Architects
Principal architect: Patrick Schumacher
Project Assistant: Cristina Cabana
Collaborators: Architects 61 PT
European Parliament: Becca Carter Holling & Wilke Pte Ltd
Performances: negative

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