Snowmobile deaths in New Hampshire prompt safety warnings

Snowmobile deaths in New Hampshire prompt safety warnings

The last two weeks in Northern New Hampshire there have been at least a dozen snowmobile accidents, two of which resulted in fatalities. Officials say that while overall accident numbers are not out of the ordinary this year, deaths are.

Two women — Shawnee Hollis, 39, and Krista Pepsis, 48 ​​— died as a result of snowmobile accidents on February 16 and 24, respectively. In late January, Stacey McGarry, 56, died in a crash. Preliminary investigations indicate that the operator’s inexperience played a role in the deaths of the three women, who were from Massachusetts.

Mark Ober, a lieutenant with New Hampshire Fish and Game in Coos County, said three deaths are “much higher than we’ve ever seen” in one year. He noted that the past two weeks in particular have been busy, due to school vacations, a time period that typically sees an uptick in accidents due to less experienced people coming from out of state to try the sport.

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