Single mother in British Columbia gets $1 million for car accident

Single mother in British Columbia gets $1 million for car accident

“I find that the injuries have had a significant adverse impact on her life,” the judge said.

A single mother on Vancouver Island has been awarded $1 million in compensation after she was involved in a car accident in November 2016 when she was 39, leaving her unable to work full-time.

Lisa Jarek stopped waiting to merge into traffic on the freeway near Courtenay when defendant Ashley Marie Lauzon rear-ended her car while driving the vehicle owned by her mother, co-defendant, Jill Lauzon.

Ms. “Ghark is permanently and partially disabled,” British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Nima Sharma ruled in a Nov. 6 decision.

Jarek has been a single mother since 2014. She is raising three children. She supported herself and her daughter by working full-time at a spa in Courtenay.

Jarek was a very active person who loved the outdoors and participated in camping, hiking, fishing and kayaking as well as hobbies, including photography, woodworking and crafts, Sharma said.

Sharma said after the accident, Jarek began experiencing severe headaches and pain in her shoulder, neck, hips and lower back.

“She went to the hospital and was given muscle relaxants and asked to follow up with her family doctor,” Sharma said.

Garc also suffered from restricted neck range of motion which negatively impacted her sleep, and made basic tasks like washing dishes, cleaning the bathtub, or carrying groceries difficult.

Jarek testified that she had a hot, aching pain in her lower back, which had remained constant since the accident.

She began to feel pain radiating down her left leg in 2017, an illness that worsened in severity and extent in 2017 and 2018.

“Over time, the pain began to be accompanied by numbness in her leg, foot and pelvis, and muscle weakness,” Sharma said.

The judge continued: “She testified that she felt defeated and expressed sadness that the accident and injuries had weakened her relationship with her children because she was unable to provide stability for them. She believes that she lost custody of her children due to the instability in her life. She worries about the lasting impact this will have on her relationship with her children.

Sharma concluded that the accident caused your neighbor to suffer multiple problems.

“Overall, I find that the injuries have had a significant negative impact on her life.”

After the dismantling, Sharma was awarded the following:

• Non-pecuniary damages – $220,000;

• Previous loss of earning capacity – $125,000.

• Future loss of earning capacity – $475,000

• Cost of future care – $175,000. And the,

• Special damages – $10,278.

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