Significant reduction in the number of traffic accidents in HCMC thanks to the handling of alcohol violations: police

Significant reduction in the number of traffic accidents in HCMC thanks to the handling of alcohol violations: police

Nguyen Van Binh, deputy head of the municipal traffic police department, said on Thursday that there were 1,729 traffic accidents in the city last year, killing 661 people and injuring 1,049 others. Compared to 2022, the number of accidents decreased by 19%, and the number of deaths and injuries decreased by 15% and 21%, respectively.

“Thanks to the ongoing handling of alcohol and speed violations, the number of traffic accidents in the city has decreased,” Binh said.

Last year, HCMC traffic police dealt with more than 128,000 alcohol level tickets, an increase of 130% from 2022. About 95,000 speeding tickets were dealt with last year, an increase of 57% compared to the same period the previous year. Binh said these violations were mostly found on main streets such as Pham Van Dong or Phu Van Kit.

“City police will continue to have alcohol and speeding offenses as a focus,” he said.

Bui Xuan Kwong, vice-chairman of the Hong Kong City People’s Committee, said that 2023 was the year with the largest decline in the number of traffic accidents in many years, significantly exceeding the target reduction of 5%. However, he said that the first three months of 2024 saw a rise in the number of traffic accidents, so units must be prepared.

Cuong also asked the Ministry of Transport to conduct checks to regulate traffic according to the characteristics and requirements of travel in different regions. He said the units also need to accelerate the ongoing construction progress with vital projects added to the construction plans, such as the Thu Thiem 4 Bridge or the HCMC-Thu Dau Mot-Chon Thanh Expressway.

The Transport Department of the Supreme Medical Committee said earlier that the city witnessed nine “black spots” for traffic accidents last year, and was able to get rid of eight of them during the year. However, eight new spots later appeared, bringing the total number of ‘black spots’ to nine.

A traffic accident black spot is classified as a place where two fatal accidents occur per year; Or three accidents and one fatal; Or four accidents with injured people.

Besides creating new infrastructure, the administration is also working to resolve issues related to signage in accident-prone areas as well.

This year, the city’s traffic sector sought to complete several major projects, including the expansion of National Highway 50 and the construction of the Nguyen Van Linh-Nguyen Huu Tho interchange, among others.

By the end of 2023, HCMC managed more than 9.2 million vehicles, including more than 940,000 cars and about 8.3 million motorcycles. The number of vehicles in the city increased by 4.64% compared to 2022, and the traffic capacity was exceeded on several roads.

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