Sarah de Lagarde, who lost an arm and a leg in a tube accident, is suing TfL | UK News

Sarah de Lagarde, who lost an arm and a leg in a tube accident, is suing TfL |  UK News

Sarah de Lagarde suffered horrific injuries after falling into the gap at High Barnet station, north London, in September 2022.

by Russell Hope, news reporter @SkyRussHope1

Wednesday 7 February 2024 at 23:47, United Kingdom

A mother of two, who lost an arm and a leg when she was hit by two London Underground trains, has said she is suing Transport for London (TfL).
Sarah de lagarde He suffered horrific injuries After she fell into the gap between a stopped train and the platform at High Barnet station in the north London In September 2022.

The 46-year-old said she slipped on a wet, uneven platform and “fell into the darkness.”

The fall initially broke her nose and broke two of her front teeth.

However, she lost her right arm when the train left the platform, and although she screamed for help, no one heard her, so when the next train arrived at the station, she lost her right leg.

She now uses two prosthetics, including a bionic arm.

talk on UK Tonight with Sarah Jane MayMs de Lagarde said she has brought legal action against Transport for London, which she says has not accepted responsibility for what happened.

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Photo: Sarah de Lagarde

Photo: Sarah de Lagarde

Ms de Lagarde said that since the incident, “I have been trying to reach out to TFL” to discuss “drawing lessons learned because accepting failures leads to innovation”.

“I have received no response, no engagement, no apology, and now a formal denial of responsibility. For me, this leaves me no other choice…and legal action is what I have to resort to now, not what I am resorting to.” “I wanted to do it.”

She said: I am praying Sadiq Khan Once again to meet with me and other victims of the London Transport network to urgently discuss these issues before anyone else is harmed or killed in this way.

Ms de Lagarde, who works in communications, claims the Mayor of London refused her requests to meet Mr Khan, despite the intervention of Sir Keir Starmer – the Labor leader who is Ms de Lagarde’s deputy.

Mr Khan is Chairman of TfL.

Photo: Sarah de Lagarde

“We need there to be an independent and comprehensive review of TfL’s safety procedures so that meaningful lessons can be learned,” she said.

She claimed that accidents still occur on the capital’s transport network.

Speaking outside the Royal Courts of Justice in central London on Wednesday, she said: “There were no staff on that platform, no one was watching CCTV. No one responded to my cries for help.”

“Twenty-two tons of steel crushed my limbs, and if that wasn’t bad enough, I remained on the tracks unnoticed until the second train arrived at the station, crushing me a second time.

“A few weeks before I was hit by the subway, I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with my husband, which was my lifelong dream.

“I felt like I was on top of the world, and overnight that all changed. I am now severely disabled for life.”

Photo: Sarah de Lagarde

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Nick Dent, director of customer operations at London Underground, said: “TfL is responding to a legal claim made by lawyers on behalf of Sarah de Lagarde, and I am not in a position to comment further publicly.”

“However, our thoughts remain with Sarah and her family following the devastating incident at High Barnet station and we have offered her direct support.

“Safety is our top priority and we continue to take every possible measure to learn from any incident and make appropriate improvements.”

A spokesman for Mr Khan said: “The Mayor’s thoughts remain with Sarah and her loved ones. He has asked to be kept informed and is very keen to meet Sarah once this claim is resolved.”

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