Samsung Galaxy S24 details leaked prematurely, possibly by accident

Samsung Galaxy S24 details leaked prematurely, possibly by accident

January 1 update below. This post was first published on December 31, 2023.

Samsung’s next flagship phone is thought to launch in early 2024, but it has just been listed at Walmart. Was this an accident? No one can know for sure, but it appears so, not least because it has now been deleted, but not before several sources picked up on the details. Here’s what we learned.

Captured by X poster @Application settings And, Walmart listing related to Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus.

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Similar design, different display

The design claims to show the phone in Onyx Black colour. The image looks similar to the Galaxy S23 Plus from the back. However, there are noticeable differences. If the details in the now-disappearing ad are correct, it appears that the display size of the next model will be larger than the current model, rising from 6.6 inches to 6.7 inches. The listing indicates that internal changes are also underway. The specs also say you’ll be able to “see it all in stunning detail on the larger, brighter displays of the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Plus.” Which tells us that the regular S24’s screen will be larger than the S23’s and that both will have greater brightness.

More memory for more powerful features

The S23 Plus’s onboard RAM is 8GB, while the next model will dramatically bump that up to 12GB, a first for its kind. This rise appears to be part of the expected inclusion of generative AI features, and some practical benefits of these features have been mentioned.

The first one is “Live Translate – Speak foreign languages ​​instantly, right from within the Samsung Phone app, using Live Translate.”

Then there’s something called generative editing, which promises to move or remove objects in images, and which can also fill in empty spaces in images. Note that this requires an internet connection, which suggests that more advanced features can be achieved online rather than on the device.

Other photography capabilities mentioned in the ad are Night Zoom, which promises to “bring your night into the light,” and High Resolution, which specifically says, “Share more of life’s most share-worthy moments in natural, true-to-life colors with the 50-megapixel camera.” By the way, this is the same number of pixels as the last camera.

We’ll find out the full details in due time, but for now, and assuming the details are accurate again, Samsung appears to be working on a new phone that looks similar to the current one, but with a larger, brighter screen, and with upgrades designed to improve performance and make next-gen features possible.

Although this listing is now gone from Walmart, there will likely be more leaks and reports ahead of the S24 series’ expected January 2024 release date.

Updated January 1. It turns out the S24 Plus wasn’t the only Samsung device Walmart previewed. Another page, since deleted, mentioned the best-in-class Galaxy S24 Ultra and was spotted in a post on X by @Bennett Buhner.

The listing depicted the phone in a color called Titanium Black, described as “the most epic Galaxy phone yet.”

The listing confirms the presence of an S Pen in the phone, which was of course expected. It also describes the phone as having a 6.8-inch screen, like the S23 Ultra. The ad described the screen as brighter and flatter than the S23 Ultra.

Like the S24 Plus details, the RAM here is said to be 12GB, so it certainly seems like the aforementioned photography tricks are supported on the Ultra as well and the listing certainly mentions generative editing and night zooming, as well as live subtitles, as does the S24 Plus announcement. .

The camera here also matches the S23 Ultra’s specs, according to Walmart, which is 200-megapixel. Storage capacity is listed at 256GB, although there will undoubtedly be larger storage capacities available as well.

Interestingly, the S24 Ultra weighs slightly less than the S23 Ultra, if these details are correct. Instead of 8.25 ounces, the new phone will be lighter, weighing 8.22 ounces. The dimensions are also slightly different, 6.39 x 3.11 x 0.34 inches, making it slightly taller, wider and slimmer than last year’s model.

Will more details be leaked before the expected launch in January? Please check again.
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