Report: Car accident in Hummelstown

Report: Car accident in Hummelstown

Report: Car accident in Hummelstown

Saturday’s strong winds make it an impactful day. We will talk about the amount of rain expected and how long it will last. How a Drag Queen Story Weekend at the Lancaster Public Library Could Cost Library Funding A constant reminder of the officer who lost his life in the line of duty here with the family of Trooper Jacques Rougeau, who has what he has to say about the importance of this coverage to you can count. We Gayle News Eight on Four starts now. Well, two people under investigation in the murder of a woman in Manhattan were arrested in New York today. I’m Lori Burkholder and I’m Jerry Gish. News 8 Susan Shapiro was here with what we know, Susan. U.S. Marshals arrested 19-year-old Hayley Tejada and 16-year-old Kinsley Alston. today in the 200 building of the New York Liberty Court. They have been charged with receiving stolen property in connection with a hit-and-run involving a stolen vehicle in Lower Paxton Township, Dauphin County. The car belonged to 52-year-old Nadia Vitholz, whose body was discovered last week in a duffel bag in her Manhattan apartment. Investigators made the discovery when they conducted a health inspection at the KIPS BAY apartment. The vitals have not been seen since she returned to New York earlier this month to supervise her late mother’s apartment. Investigators said she had just returned from traveling and went to the apartment, thinking it was vacant to prepare it for a friend to move in. Officials say the apartment had been vacant for several months and the VIPs likely faced squatters when they returned to the property. The video shows vitals getting inside and the two suspects exiting the building. Both Tejada and Alston were transported to the Lower Paxton Township Police Station and now face extradition to New York. Back to you all right. Thank you. Let’s take a look across Harrisburg now. You can see a little bit of blue, but not a lot of it. A lot of clouds have moved. The day started out sunny, TJ, but now the clouds have appeared. And what can we look forward to this weekend? There was heavy rain on the way, Lori, but we had the sunshine hitting it and it was a cool start with those clear skies. But we managed to recover at least a little. But the clouds kept us from getting too high. There is a lot of rain to our south, and you can see some lightning strikes as well and observe various areas of low pressure. All of these things will come together, so to speak, in the valley as we progress through the remainder of Friday into our day tomorrow. In terms of temperature, we hit 50 degrees in Chambersburg. But note that in the north and east in Lebanon, the temperature is 44. In the capital, we expect temperatures due to the clouds that will be very much stuck in place now, at least for the next two hours. In the mid to upper 40s, then back into the lower 40s eventually later this evening for our first four at 4. But the bigger story is, of course, that it’s raining and we now have flood monitors for much of the Susquehanna Valley from late tonight into Saturday evening. That’s one of the big reasons why Saturday will be an impact day, but we’ll also be monitoring the potential for gusty winds late tomorrow. Therefore, minor flooding is possible. And we also have the potential for some wind gusts around 40. Now we’re going to talk a little bit more about how much rain to expect and when this will all end here. He’ll come in just about ten minutes. Fine, thank you. We’ll see you then. WELL EAST HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP CONSIDERING CUTTING FUND TO THE LANCASTER PUBLIC LIBRARY In response to this weekend’s Drag Queen Hour news, Barbara Barr Barbara Barra Barr, now outside the Lancaster Library, joins us with more news tonight. Barbara. A majority of East Hemfield Township supervisors expressed some concerns that they might have taxpayer money to go to the public library if it contains what they consider a political event. Now, Democratic Supervisor Bob Johnson says he doesn’t believe this is a political event and doesn’t support funding the library. The library’s executive director, Lisa Holland, told News Eight that she doesn’t consider it political, but we just want to keep that focus that it’s an issue with taxpayer money, and that the library is its own organization, and they’re independent, ‘You’re free to do what they want. doing it. Well, I think they entered the political arena. I support the library, and it makes its own decisions. Um, what types of entertainment to seek out. East Hempfield. You will contribute approximately $27,000 to the library this year. Supervisors are expected to discuss the issue at a meeting scheduled for April 3. The library says a Drag Queen Story Hour is scheduled for tomorrow, and it has attracted a lot of interest. Live in Lancaster, Barbara Barr’s 8th News. Barbara, thank you. Tonight, a group of pastors will lead a group prayer outside the Lancaster Public Library in protest of tomorrow’s Drag Queen Story Hour. The prayer event is from 6:30 to 7:30, and this weekend is the last opportunity for people living in Lancaster to participate in the Welcoming the City of Lancaster Initiative community survey. Lancaster’s Department of Neighborhood Engagement is urging all residents and business owners to complete the survey by midnight on Monday, March 25, and those who participate will help influence the city’s tourism focus and promotional strategies for the coming years. A 17-year-old from Philadelphia is wanted in York County on attempted murder and other charges. Upstate New York Regional Police were called to Meadow RUN MOBILE HOME PARK yesterday evening after a man was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to his shoulder. Investigators say Lesius Jesus Delgado shot Robert Howard, Jr. after Howard told him he had to leave the mobile home park. The 17-year-old Delgado has not been arrested. He will be charged as an adult with attempted criminal homicide and other charges. A crash occurred overnight on I-80 in Franklin County, killing one person. A portion of Interstate 81 was closed after this accident in the northbound lanes near the Route 914 exit, in the town of Guilford. The victim’s name has not been revealed. We now know the name of the man who was struck by an EMS vehicle and killed last week, and the Dauphin County coroner says 62-year-old Michael Cesnick died from multiple injuries when he was hit in the town of Reed in northern Dauphin County on March 14. The coroner’s office has been unable to find any relatives for SEARS. Nick, the cause of death has been ruled accidental. A fallen Pennsylvania State Trooper is remembered. The route at Route 22, 322 and Arch Rock Road in Juniata County is now the Trooper Jack Memorial Junction. News 8 Ann Shannon was there for the dedication today. This is now Trooper Jacques Rougeau’s memorial cross for his family, friends and fellow police officers. It is a way to remember their fallen friend, Jack, his mother and his wife come together to unveil the sign that will be placed at the intersection. Trooper Jack has been a member of the Pennsylvania State Police for three years. He had just been transferred to Troop G in Lewistown last March, and then in June, he was shot and killed while searching for a gunman. The State Police Commissioner remembered him as a good husband, son, grandson, brother, uncle and nephew, until he heard that his sisters and brothers were in danger and on a day off. And yet today, he came here and said, I’m going to be part of the group that stands in the way of the breach. Lt. James Wagner, who was also shot and seriously injured in June, was also here today. He said he didn’t want to talk because he felt like this day was about his friend and fellow State Police officer, Trooper Jack. He participated, although he is in good condition and recovering from his injuries. In the eighth news episode, hear from a woman who was present during the shooting that killed Jack’s soldier. Hear why she says it’s so important to her to be here today outside of the town of Mifflin in Juniata Ann Shannon County. WGAL NEWS EIGHT We cover breaking news. Kate, Princess of Wales, announces today that she has cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. Her announcement comes after weeks of widespread speculation on social media about her whereabouts and health since she was hospitalized in January for unspecified abdominal surgery. Kate had not been seen in public at Christmas since Christmas until a video surfaced this week of her and her husband Prince William, the heir to the throne, walking from a farm shop near their home in Windsor. On News Eight of Four, we’ll hear from a coach about a new medical training program at UPMC. A special meal for a small town in Adams County. Who pays for it? I’m Ed Weinstock. I’ll tell you why. It’s a secret. Destroy the credit card. You have old, expired cards sitting collecting dust. It has your personal information. ROSSEN reports with what you need to do to keep it

Report: Car accident in Hummelstown

There was a report of a car accident at West Main Street and Rosanna Street in Hummelstown at 5:19 p.m. According to a report from Hummelstown Police, there was a report of injuries and EMS was dispatched. The roads are not closed. Click the video player above to see other headlines from WGAL News 8. This story was coordinated by Hearst’s WGAL Alert Desk. For live traffic updates, click here. Do you have photos or video of an accident? If so, upload it at Be sure to include your name and additional details so we can give you proper credit online and on TV.

There was a report of a car accident at West Main Street and Rosanna Street in Hummelstown at 5:19 p.m

According to a Hummelstown police report, there was a report of injuries and emergency medical services were dispatched.

The roads are not closed.

Click the video player above to watch other headlines from WGAL News 8.

This story was coordinated by Hearst’s WGAL Alert Bureau.

To get live traffic updates, click here.

Do you have photos or video of the accident? If so, upload it to Be sure to include your name and additional details so we can give you proper credit online and on TV.

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