Renee Blair shares the incident that caused her jaw to lock up

Renee Blair shares the incident that caused her jaw to lock up

Renee Blair Stop by Bobby Bones Show For the first time, share how she became a co-writer of Waiting in the Truck, share how an accident caused her jaw to close, and more!

Blair posted Video on her Instagram On her vision board for this year, she has things like making her Grand Ole Opry debut and being on The Bobby Bones Show. Bobby Bones saw the video, called her and asked her to come to the show. He liked it because if you told people your goals, they were more likely to help you. Blair is from St. Louis and has an alter ego she calls Hill Betty, which was inspired by her song “Hillbillies & Betties.” After her wedding to songwriter Jordan Schmidt, they went to Florida for a mini honeymoon and belched loudly in front of her husband. She apologized and said it was her lean show and thought how Billie could be a girl and came up with Hell Bettys. song for herHillbillies and PetesShe said she was inspired by all the bachelorette parties that happen in downtown Nashville and for all the girls who want to have a good time. Inside every woman is a bad or wild girl who needs to lose sometimes, and this song is dedicated to when those girls fall in love.

One of the songs I co-wrote is Hardy and Lenny Wilson’s song “”Wait in the truckHer husband also produced and co-wrote it, and when he was writing it with Hardy, he wanted it to be a duet, so he called Blair, and she came to the studio and started singing with him. During the bridge of the song, she had the idea of ​​singing “Have Mercy,” and Hardy liked it and stuck with it. He knew at the time that she was the one who came up with the matter until her husband brought it up later.She became Blair’s number one and helped open many doors for her.

Blair has come a long way from a few years ago when she thought she would never sing again. She was in a bad car accident and had to have her jaw closed for 12 weeks. Usually, people stop talking and let it heal, but she continued singing and posted a video of herself singing Kanye West “Through the Wire” Which he recorded with his jaw closed as well. She still has 8 pieces of glass in her face from the accident and shared that when it happened, she was so unrecognizable at the hospital that her mother walked right by her. A few months after this incident, she was on a boat and people told her she couldn’t live in fear forever, so she went to take a shower. The person driving the boat drove off so fast she ended up cutting her entire upper arm in half and now had a metal plate in her arm. The bright side of these injuries is that they forced her to pick up tools. When her jaw was closed, she learned to play the guitar, and when her arm was severed, she learned to play the piano. She jokes that it was God’s way of telling her not to waste her life and learn musical instruments. Blair and Schmidt had given birth to their first child five months ago, a boy named Fisher. She was in labor for over 30 hours and lost half the blood in her body due to the number of contractions she was having causing her uterus to shut down.

While in the studio, Blair performed her song “Hillbillies & Betties” with her brother, Lenny, who also co-wrote the song and played guitar with her.

She is on it now Helppity Touring through April. For more information visit

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