Real Estate | Visit Braund’s Flooring & Remodeling LLC in West Bend, WI

Real Estate |  Visit Braund’s Flooring & Remodeling LLC in West Bend, WI

WEST BEND, WI – A new business is operating in a space that was once home to a popular race track in West Bend, Wisconsin. Braund Flooring & Remodeling, LLC, 6405 Stockhausen Lane, Suite C, Owned by Dawn and Jeremy Braund.


The pair set up shop earlier this year in the former Stocky’s Fast Track.

Other than the four walls and cement floor, there are no more memories of the old Stocky’s as the Braund family grows their business across Washington County and surrounding communities including Ozaukee, Dodge, Fond du Lac and Sheboygan.

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“I’ve been in the flooring industry for about 28 years,” Jeremy said. “I started my career when I was 17 years old.”

The Braund family knew they always wanted to have their own business.

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“I learned a lot on the job, working with different materials and hard goods,” Jeremy said. “I can do it all when it comes to remodeling floors and bathrooms.”

The storefront at Braund’s Flooring & Remodeling features a cozy mix of samples from carpet to vinyl plank to ceramic tile.

“You don’t have a feeling of being overwhelmed when you come in,” Don Braund said. “We are able to show you the options, send samples to your home, and walk you through smart choices regarding colors and what works for your traffic and family.”

Braund’s resume is strong as they have mastered carpet installation, luxury vinyl tile, plank, hardwood flooring, ceramic tile and shower door installation. “We saw the need to redesign the bathroom,” Jeremy said. “We are a one-stop shop.”

While Jeremy provides the meticulous installation, Dawn offers seasoned advice when it comes to picking colors and determining durability. The showroom has a wide range of flooring samples to choose from.

“Based on the lighting, your cabinets or wall color, break down the work; we help you visualize what will work with your color scheme and determine durability in high-traffic areas.” We always keep in mind the quality of what they’re looking for, how long it will last, and the manufacturer’s warranty, And of course, whether you’ll like it when we’re done.”

Current trends, according to Braund’s, include vinyl plank flooring, which is very popular.

“This is usually found throughout the house and then enhanced with area rugs,” Down said. “Vinyl planks hold up very well, are easy to clean and waterproof. We’re also seeing a lot of ceramic.”

Braund’s Flooring and Remodeling also specializes in heated floors. “Ceramic lasts forever, and more people, especially in Wisconsin, like heated floors in the bathroom,” Jeremy said.

As a mother of four, managing a busy household in their Mount Calvary home, Dawn knows the importance of how color choices impact the comfort and appearance of a home’s interior.

“Manufacturers work well with us; “If you want to see a larger sample than we have here, they will ship it right to your home,” she said.

Other tips include bringing a photo of the room. “We want to keep in mind more than just the color or texture of the walls. We’ll look at the cabinets and lighting to determine what really looks good and works well,” Down said.

“We realize this is a big investment, so we will take our time and work with you to make sure you are happy with a quality product.”

The typical turnaround time for a job is about a week once the order is placed, the product arrives, and the installation is complete.

“Braund’s Flooring & Remodeling looks forward to working with residents, business owners, builders and local contractors in the surrounding communities to help them complete their projects by providing them with quality products from our storefront along with professional installation services,” said Jeremy Braund. .

call us: 6405 Stockhausen Lane, Suite C, West Bend, WI 53095

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