Pros, cons, coupons and popular alternatives

Pros, cons, coupons and popular alternatives

In this article, we’ll learn about IncFile reviews and what customers think about IncFile services. But first, let’s get to know the details of IncFile.

IncFile Reviews

IncFile is an LLC that has helped form over 75,000 companies. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, IncFile has earned a reputation for providing high-quality business formation services at a lower price than its competitors. How does InFile achieve this?

IncFile primarily focuses on providing efficient LLC formation, filing, and compliance services to business owners seeking to form an LLC with a hassle-free experience. The business formation service has a stylish and well-designed business website, which clients can utilize to experience a smooth business formation process. Impressively, IncFile’s customer support is top-notch with fewer customer complaints compared to other big players in the industry.

For new entrepreneurs who are in the process of forming an LLC and looking to do so conveniently, IncFile helps by taking care of the essential aspects of LLC formation services. While many business formation companies take weeks or months to fully fill their LLC services, IncFile provides a turnaround time as quick as one business day.

IncFile also outperforms the competition by offering competitive rates. For example, basic incorporation services packages and LLC formation services packages are offered free of charge. They also offer a full year of free registered agent service. Unfortunately, it is not a law firm and cannot provide legal services

IncFile Advantages

You can enjoy a wide range of benefits when you use IncFile to establish your business. Here are some of the benefits small business owners can enjoy by using this LLC.

  • It offers business establishment services at the most affordable prices in the market
  • Incfile includes a full year of free registered agent service in all of its packages.
  • Incfile includes some very convenient features
  • One-hour business tax consultation with a certified professional

IncFile LLC Service Formation Packages

IncFile offers three main business formation packages to its clients – Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Let’s take a closer look at its basic features.

Key Features silver
($0 and government filing fee)
($149 and state filing fee)
($299 and state fees)
Basic Deposit LLC Included Included Included
Registered agent service $119 $119 $119
Getting $70 Included Included
Operating agreement Included Included Included
Tax Number Included Included Included

Silver package

This package is ideal for entrepreneurs interested in creating a business entity, without access to the additional features that come with other packages. The Silver Package is IncFile’s basic offering, and is the same for forming LLCs and corporations. Customers of this package can purchase many of the features available in the Gold and Platinum packages as add-ons for an additional fee.

Here are some of its notable features:

  • Check name availability. IncFile allows users to search fictitious business names in its database to determine if the name is available or is in use by a different business entity.
  • Preparing and maintaining articles of organization and incorporation. The main purpose of the formation package is to help submit your documents to the state. For limited liability companies, it is called the Articles of Association, while for companies it is called the Articles of Association.
  • 1 business day processing. IncFile ensures that all their applications are processed and submitted to the relevant State Department within one business day of receiving your application.
  • Company alerts for life
  • Access to business incorporation documents
  • Third Party Partner Offers
  • Registered Agent Services (one full year of registered agent services)

Golden package

The Gold Package is ideal for entrepreneurs seeking to establish an LLC and obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) and customized business documents. This package provides other business establishment services included in the Silver package in addition to:

  • Federal tax ID number. Also known as an Employer Identification Number (EIN), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) assigns this number to identify taxpayers, especially if you intend to hire employees on your payroll. Think of an EIN as a Social Security number for an LLC.
  • Banking decision. Resolution Banking allows relevant stakeholders to create a business bank account for your business accounting services. Business bank accounts are vital to a business because they separate personal funds from LLC or corporation funds.
  • Business formation group. It is a file with the name Limited Liability Company (LLC) embroidered on it to hold the store’s company documents.
  • Express Shipping (Express Service). Between one to three business days, IncFile sends a hard copy of your business incorporation documents via Express Deposit.

Along with registered agent services, IncFile also offers features tailored to LLCs and corporations, including free tax consultations.

Limited liability companies

  • Operating agreement. An operating agreement is a private agreement between the members of the LLC that specifies ownership details as well as the rights and responsibilities of the various stakeholders.
  • Prepare and File IRS Form 2553. An LLC can decide whether to be classified as a C corporation or an S corporation. If you choose to be classified as an S corporation, you will be required to file IRS Form 2553 for annual reporting and other tax purposes. Many LLCs do not require this feature.


For the business owner looking for online incorporation services, IncFile offers useful features, including company bylaws, organizational meeting minutes, and other services.

Platinum package

The Platinum package is suitable for entrepreneurs who want the best online incorporation services, a business website, and more documents. The package provides the basic services provided by the Gold package, such as: Banking decisions, to set up a business bank account and their registered agent – and other services such as:

  • Expedited filing. IncFile provides express service for your business forms to speed up implementation time – from weeks to days.
  • Business contract forms. IncFile provides proven business contract templates, including over 25 contracts prepared by attorneys.
  • Deluxe Formation Group LLC. This useful feature provides a distinctive, decorative seal on the wrapper that comes in the gold packaging
  • Domain name for business email and website. External partners provide a fully functional website for your LLC or corporation. The website will be intuitive across all platforms and will be convenient to set up and use. You will also receive a business address
  • Unlimited tax consulting for business taxes and many other LLC services

Incfile Quick Overview

Best overall value

  • Top notch customer support
  • Insightful and elegant user dashboard
  • LLC formation packages are cost effective

Visiting site

Incfile LLC Service Review

Incfile Review

Comprehensive pricing and value 87.5%
Cost value 90%
Customer support 80%
Ease of submitting the application 90%
Built-in features 90%

Is this brand right for you?

IncFile is for you if you are looking for an efficient way to form an LLC or incorporate a corporation at competitive prices. The company offers many features that make setting up a business fast and convenient and processes applications in less than one business day from the date of submission.

Besides its customer-oriented packages, IncFile’s website is intuitive and easy to use, making it the brand of choice if you are looking for a reliable and responsive service provider. Moreover, most of the IncFile reviews, found on popular customer review platforms, are positive. IncFile reviews talk about the great services the company provides to its clients.

Its competitors sell the cost, claiming it is standard. However, they do not offer an operating agreement as standard.

Cost value

IncFile offers excellent value for money considering the overall cost for what you get. None of IncFile’s tiers have non-essential features like many competitors do. IncFile’s standard features compare well to the rest of the competitors. Its standard packages come with many useful features that its competitors sell at a cost, claiming to be standard. However, they do not offer an operating agreement as standard.

Customer service

IncFile’s customer support team is knowledgeable and responsive, but they do take some time to respond to phone support. Other than that, customer support continues without much hassle and the staff provides professional service. IncFile also offers weekend phone support hours for customers who have various inquiries regarding LLC services.

Ease of use

The ordering process takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete. The process is faster if you have all the necessary documents. If you can’t complete the entire process in one sitting, IncFile automatically saves your progress and you can pick up where you left off.

Built-in features

IncFile ships two copies of your documents and other business office papers together. After you purchase one of our LLC formation packages, you can visit the company’s website to track the progress of your application. The client dashboard is the central location that displays all your vital documents and users can access the information anytime they want.


IncFile is the platform you can use if you want great services for starting a business but are on a limited budget. The company’s pricing structure is competitive across all of its packages and you can enjoy some of the best features on the market without having to purchase the entire package.

However, IncFile has its drawbacks as well. For example, its extras are limited compared to those offered by its competitors, and are also slightly higher. IncFile’s refund policy is also unclear and its customer support takes a while to answer phone calls.

Otherwise, many people will find the LLC formation service very effective and straightforward in setting up a business.

Comprehensive Incfile Reviews

Overall, the company offers the best alternative to an LLC service provider. The wide range of features ensures that you do not miss any requirements for forming an LLC. Furthermore, IncFile pricing provides a respite for small business owners who need startups but have limited budgets to work with. IncFile also helps file articles of incorporation for C corporations or similar non-profit entities to file for an LLC.

Top LLC Alternatives for IncFile Reviews


This Texas-based incorporation company was created to provide low-cost LLC incorporation and incorporation services. This company stands out from the rest because it offers all the essential features to form a business. It also has great customer service and short delivery times.


LegalZoom is the perfect choice for people looking for a low-cost LLC that offers legal as well as formation services. Their packages start at just $79 plus state registration fees. They also provide additional services such as tax advice, access to legal documents, foreign qualifications, etc.


What do you need to know about IncFile? Hopefully you have your answer now. Use this guide to determine if this configuration service is the right one for you based on your needs. Also remember to obtain the relevant business licenses to run your business legally.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is IncFile free?

Its basic package comes at no cost, except for government registration fees. The registered agent service is also free.

Can you get an LLC solution?

You need to provide solution materials to successfully solve your business. IncFile offers this service for a $149 registration fee.

Is IncFile Legit?

Yes, it is safe to say that IncFile is an authentic establishment company based on its services, features, online customer reviews and feedback.

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