Phantom Galaxies game guide – decryption

Phantom Galaxies game guide – decryption

The newly released sci-fi thriller Phantom Galaxies puts you in the cockpit of a mecha on the galactic frontier, where Ranger Squadron battles three evil pirate factions in a battle to keep the universe safe.

You’ll need to keep your wits about you as you engage in high-intensity combat on land and in space, switching between mecha and ship models. With a story-driven campaign, PvE rewards, and PvP multiplayer battles, you’ll be able to customize and upgrade your starfighter to suit your playstyle.

Are you ready to go into battle, Ranger? You will need to go through the training camp first, and GG It has everything you need to know to get started.

Install imaginary galaxies

First, you’ll need to decide which version of the game you want to play. There are two different versions available to play in Early Access: a Web3-enabled version directly from Blowfish Studios and on the Epic Games Store, or a non-Web3 version on Steam.

Either way, Phantom Galaxies is completely free to play, and features blockchain integration that enables players to truly own in-game items and property.

Imaginary galaxies. Image: Blowfish Studios

There are two different versions of the game available to play in Early Access: a Web3-enabled version directly from Blowfish Studios and on the Epic Games Store, or a non-Web3 version on Steam.

In this guide, we’ll look at the Web3 version; Either download the game through the Epic Games Store or head to the official Phantom Galaxies website to download the Windows installer, which will guide you through the installation process.

Connect your Web3 wallet

To connect your Web3 wallet and access the Early Access version of the game, you’ll need to head to the Phantom Galaxies website and click on ‘Connect Wallet’. You’ll be asked to connect to one of the available wallet providers — MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, or a combination of wallets that support WalletConnect — and log in with your wallet.

Once your wallet is linked, go to the “Play Now” page and click “Generate Access Code”. Again, you will be asked to sign using your connected wallet. This will generate your code for early access; Download the launcher and paste your code to start the game properly.


Upon launching the game, you’ll be greeted with a title screen that gives you options to properly enter the game, play around with the audio, visual, gameplay and control options, and view your in-game property collection.

The game is controlled using a mouse and keyboard (the final version will include gamepad support as well); In this Early Access release, learning controls and pop-ups refer to keyboard controls.

To get started, tap “Enter World,” and you’ll have the opportunity to create your character using male and female avatars, or choose from a selection of NFT avatars available via the game’s website. In Early Access, you don’t have the option to fully customize your character, though you can cycle through randomly assigned traits until you find one you like.

Guard headquarters

Once you’ve finished the intro cinematic for Phantom Galaxies, you’ll find yourself at the center of the game, space station Halberd-001. Here, you can explore areas such as the bridge, R&D department, and recreation room and interact with characters between missions, such as Intel Officer Goda and Engineering Officer Pennaway, who will assign missions over the course of the story.

Imaginary galaxies. Image: Blowfish Studios

Stations within the base give you access to the game’s trading function, where you can buy and sell your mecha equipment, as well as accepting reward contracts. To blast off into space, head to the Starfighter Console, where you’ll be able to choose from one of two educational Starfigher games, each suited to a different playstyle. After the tutorial, you can choose between any of your NFT mecha, or unlock the F2P Breacher or Lancer class mecha after leveling up your pilot.

advice: Keep an eye out for gear drops or purchase upgrades from the store to increase your power level.

Take a trip

To properly engage with the game, head to the Starfighter Console, where you’ll launch a short tutorial mission that’ll teach you the basics of space combat, including maneuvering your starfighter and accessing weapon systems and special abilities.

Imaginary galaxies. Image: Blowfish Studios

While flying in outer space, you have many degrees of movement: you can attack in four axes as well as turn and you can fly backwards as well; Useful for an unlucky space pirate.

Outside of Halberd-001, you’ll find hyperportals that allow you to travel between systems and planets.

advice: Traveling through a Hyper Gate or entering a space station resets your maximum health and ability.


Combat is a fast-paced affair. You can blast your enemies with energy beams (which drain your energy supply but replenish), ballistic weapons, and guided missiles. Each star fighter also has a unique ultimate ability; The Assault class, for example, can deploy a minigun equipped with tracer bullets, while the Buster can fire a storm of missiles. Be careful, because your ultimate ability is limited.

Of course, your enemies won’t put up with all this lying down! Fortunately, your star fighter has armor that regenerates, and health that does not regenerate.

Imaginary galaxies. Image: Blowfish Studios

You can boost up to increase your speed and dodge left and right to dodge incoming missiles, but keep an eye on your heat meter, which creeps up as you perform maneuvers and special attacks. Make sure you stay “in the zone” – if you go over it, you’ll start taking damage!

In space, you can switch between starfighter ship and mecha forms: the former is more maneuverable, and the latter has greater firepower and a devastating melee attack.

In ground combat, you’re limited to your mecha form, which offers the same abilities as those in outer space.

Imaginary galaxies. Image: Blowfish Studios


While in outer space, you can also turn on your mining laser to blast asteroids, resulting in minerals or crystals that can be used to upgrade your mecha equipment.

Be careful when launching asteroids; They break under the force of your mining beam, and the fragments can damage your spacecraft.

Bonuses and PvP

You’ll be able to access PvE reward challenges through the terminals on Halberd-001. Bounties require you to destroy a set number of enemies, challenging you to defeat enemies in a specific star system or plane, target a specific faction, or use your ultimate ability to defeat your enemies.

Imaginary galaxies. Image: Blowfish Studios

Completing bounties earns you rewards in the form of in-game credits, which can be spent on upgrading your ship.

To beat other players in the PvP arena, you’ll need to head to the Super Red Portal, located near Halberd-001. In the PvP arena, you can participate in multiplayer battles and “Community Clash” events (check the Phantom Galaxies Discord to find out when the next battle will take place in your time zone).

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