Paris Hilton makes a grand entrance at a Formula 1 party but ‘there’s no one’ to watch her

Paris Hilton makes a grand entrance at a Formula 1 party but ‘there’s no one’ to watch her

Paris Hilton made a grand entrance to the Formula 1 Grand Prix party in Las Vegas, but no one was there to see him.

The 42-year-old hotel heiress showed up at the Virgin Hotel in Las Vegas for a DJ set on November 17. But according to video footage, she was greeted with a half-empty ballroom upon her arrival.

The video – posted to popular Instagram account Real Vegas Locals – shows Hilton wearing a sparkly race car driver’s suit. As she entered the room, she could be seen pushing up her matching sunglasses and scanning the fading crowd. “The priceless moment when Paris Hilton realizes there’s no one at her Formula 1 after-party,” they captioned the fun clip.

In the comments section, viewers wondered why the crowd was empty and wondered what Hilton was thinking when she saw the dance floor. “My agent is so fired,” one Instagram user joked about Hilton’s thoughts, while another speculated: “She started panicking the minute she pulled up those sunglasses.”

One person added: “She stopped by for bingo night,” while another person wrote: “She came in late and was still early.”

Meanwhile, another person commented: “It looks so amazing unfortunately there’s no one there.”

The Instagram account explained that it wasn’t Hilton’s fault that the dance floor was empty. Instead, they pointed the finger at F1. “People outside of Vegas keep thinking this is an offense in Paris. Not. She is a very frequent visitor to Las Vegas and we absolutely love her,” Real Vegas Locals wrote in the comments.

“This has been a controversy in Formula 1,” they continued. “The locals in Vegas have had to deal with the construction and drama of Formula 1 for a year and they’ve gotten over it. So it was funny that there was no one at the Formula 1 after-party, and not a DJ moment for Paris Hilton.”

Hilton posted a carousel post on Instagram with photos of the event, showing her playing to what appeared to be a packed house. According to the photos, many fans can be seen dancing and filming the former reality TV star’s DJ set. She captioned the Instagram post: “Had a great time DJing for @Hilton

One fan wrote that the group was a “cool moment,” while another added that it “looks like a sick group.”

This isn’t the first time Hilton has had bad luck at a Formula 1 party. Back in 2021, the hotel heiress was belting out tunes for the event in Miami when she reportedly experienced technical difficulties. Halfway through, the music suddenly stopped. Fortunately, her husband, Carter Reum, took it upon himself to hype up the crowd while solving the problem so his wife could get some much-needed rest.

“Paris kept it quiet and walked away from the booth, and Carter took the microphone to fill the silence,” a source said. Page six on time. “Paris had amazing energy and handled the situation like a champ.”

The couple married in November 2021 and have a son named Phoenix, whom they welcomed via surrogate in January of this year.

The Independent Paris Hilton’s representatives have been contacted for comment.

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