Our Ford Maverick Hybrid is back! How much does an accident cost to repair?

Our Ford Maverick Hybrid is back!  How much does an accident cost to repair?

We were in heavy traffic in a construction zone, on our way to meet family for a celebratory dinner, when we changed lanes in our 2023 Ford Maverick Hybrid. The traffic went from slow to stopped. We eased the brakes and stopped a short distance from the car in front of us. There was plenty of room, but the car behind you wasn’t slowing down fast enough. I knew we were about to get hit.Explosion.Then, after a second, anotherExplosion. We were already behind. twice. The same car whose trailer pushed them towards us again after the first strike.

I examined my wife and child, they were completely fine, there were no immediate or residual injuries, and then they were pulled to the right shoulder. The vehicle that hit us was a 2001 Ford Expedition towing a speedboat; They couldn’t pass us as quickly and ended up stopping in front of us. I went out to assess the damage.

When viewed from behind, the impact was right in the middle; I estimate that the Expedition initially struck the Maverick while traveling at 15-20 mph. The license plate was crumpled like a piece of aluminum foil. The plastic bumper cover was warped, its thick plastic panel wrinkled. The hitch receiver looked a little misaligned, and the tailgate was dented along the bottom. Cosmetically, it didn’t look like thatSoIt was bad, considering how hard the hits were, and I was relieved that the sides of the beds remained straight and the taillights weren’t cracked. But what about below? Will there be shocking surprises – bends, creases or cut seams – lurking in the one body? I was immediately concerned that our Ford Maverick would be completely damaged despite the mostly minor exterior damage.

If a “write-off” is in your truck’s future, you won’t know how it will drive after the accident. The breakaway was still in alignment, and there were no warning lights, vibrations, vibrations, rattles, or other signs of anything wrong. That was good, because it took nearly three months to get our Ford to the auto body shop for final diagnosis and repair once we received our initial cost estimate. This estimate? $4,326.95, with the caveat that the number could rise significantly once the Maverick is demolished.

Once the store assigned us a space according to schedule, it took seven business days for the repairs to be completed, including delivery and pick-up days. Below is a summary of the final cost of replaced parts, other services and labor:

Versus the initial estimate, the shop found an additional $516 worth of parts and labor once the Maverick was disassembled — but there was no other major damage. We thought the cost was reasonable, considering the roughly 11 hours it took to completely build the Ford back up. Additionally, we avoided the kind of single-body damage we’ve seen from similar incidents in online forums that resulted in bills of $15,000 or more – or a total of Mavericks. We wondered a little about the $312.50 required to spray bed liner on the tailgate, since the entire bed was lined at the factory for $495, but hey, the Maverick lives to tell more tales, so we’ll stop complaining. Unless we get hit again, that is.

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