OneBefore is launching as the new MGA for Accident, Health and Travel

OneBefore is launching as the new MGA for Accident, Health and Travel

OneBefore, a progressive guarantor-led MGA, has officially announced its launch.

The company was founded by market specialist Verde Lobel, who brings her extensive experience as a pricing actuary to lead the company.

She previously worked as Head of UK Underwriting, Personal Accident and Travel at AIG UK.

Headquartered in London, OneBefore will leverage the expertise and collaboration between channel partners and skilled insurers to meet customer needs and deliver sustainable value throughout the insurance cycle.

OneBefore specializes in consumer insurance, with a particular focus on accident, absence, health and travel insurance.

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The company stated that it will provide fair, simple and effective insurance products to individuals and companies.

One of the company’s core missions is to collaborate with like-minded brokers, in order to create value-added insurance that addresses the concerns of today’s consumers.

The company has a team of professionals who each offer a deep level of expertise that spans across the insurance sector.

In addition, OneBefore also challenges corporate inefficiency and complacency by streamlining insurance processes, ultimately reducing product development time from weeks to days.

“We are delighted to introduce OneBefore to the UK market, offering fair and valuable accident, absence, health and travel insurance,” said Ferd Lobel, CEO.

He added: “Our vision is clear: we want to make insurance accessible to everyone while ensuring our brokers and partners are able to focus on what they do best. Our mission is to provide comprehensive protection solutions that are easy to understand and affordable. We believe in developing meaningful products that meet real needs, and truly serve.” The purpose for which it was designed. We look forward to working closely with our brokers and distribution partners, leveraging our collective strengths, and providing modern insurance solutions to clients and businesses.

Adrian Morgan, CEO of Mission Underwriters UK, added: “OneBefore’s vision, driven by the exceptional leadership of Vered, who has a proven track record of insurance innovation, promises a transformative approach to meet the market’s urgent need for more customer-focused insurance solutions.” And Europe.

“With its dynamic approach, rooted in strong underwriting, effective claims management, and growth-oriented solutions, OneBefore is poised to usher in a new era of insurance excellence and sustainable value. We are thrilled to partner with OneBefore, leveraging our resources and expertise to support Vered’s vision and meet the demands of a rapidly evolving insurance landscape.” ”

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