NYU Tandon achieves a paradigm shift with its new Mino

NYU Tandon achieves a paradigm shift with its new Mino

NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering is poised to become one of a very select group of U.S. universities to offer an undergraduate program in quantum technology, placing it at the forefront of a fast-growing field where high employer demand dramatically outpaces available talent.

Beginning in the spring 2024 semester, NYU Tandon students can begin earning credits in the new Quantum Technology major, which is offered through the Department of Applied Physics.

In the past decade, quantum technology – the use of quantum mechanics to create new devices and applications – has shown remarkable promise thanks to its ability to dramatically enhance computing power, enable secure communications, and enhance accurate measurement.

However, the demand for people with quantitative training and experience far exceeds availability, research shows Only one qualified quantum candidate is available for every three quantum job openings.

John De BartoloTandon, chair of NYU’s Department of Applied Physics, worked with NYU colleagues and professionals from… SandboxAQ Educational Outreach Program — an enterprise SaaS company providing solutions at the nexus of artificial intelligence and quantum (AQ) technology — to develop the applet, a process that began earlier this year.

“This new quantitative major reflects a deep commitment to providing students with the knowledge needed to find engineering solutions to problems that have not yet fully emerged,” said Jelena Kovačević, dean of NYU Tandon. “Quantum is still an emerging field, and the dearth of education options available at the university level reflects this. We anticipate a significant wave of interest in learning these skills, similar to the trends in AI education that we first saw a decade ago. We are thrilled to be among the vanguard Institutions that offer students a formal quantitative program.

NYU Tandon and SandboxAQ organized a joint workshop in March 2023, where Tandon faculty joined SandboxAQ leaders and evaluators—graduate students and postdoctoral students working on AI and quantum intelligence projects at the company—to begin designing a curriculum that provides a practical foundation for careers. In the field of artificial and quantum intelligence. Quantum industry.

“Putting together the curriculum for the minor has been a true interdisciplinary project involving faculty and administrators from Tandon and other areas at NYU, such as the Center for Quantum Information Physics, allowing us to focus on the precise academic prescription that we believe best reflects the state of the art,” Di Bartolo said. “Cutting-edge education in this field.” “The SandboxAQ team has been instrumental in this process, providing fresh perspectives and access to a wealth of real-world experiences and expertise that have been invaluable in shaping the minor we ultimately created.”

In September, NYU Tandon collaborated closely with SandboxAQ to host a highly attended hackathon – called Tandon Hackathon – To introduce NYU students to quantum technology and provide them with practical experience in quantum programming, in preparation for the small launch. Tandon also welcomed Rupak Chatterjee as an Assistant Professor in Industry this year, who will bring his expertise in quantum machine learning to the courses for the minor.

“The advancement and application of quantum technology depends heavily on the availability and development of an educated workforce that will foster technological innovation and ensure future progress,” said Dr. Mariana Bonanomi, Head of Educational Outreach at SandboxAQ. “Our Education Outreach Program fosters collaboration between the private sector and academia to build a strong quantitative ecosystem that benefits everyone. As a former student of Professor Di Bartolo and an NYU Tandon alumnus, I know firsthand that students there will receive an unparalleled quantitative education.”

The new minor in quantum technology requires completion of six courses. The first two lectures – Introduction to Quantum Science and Introduction to Quantum Programming – will be offered for the first time in spring and fall 2024, respectively. Mathematics Fundamentals of Quantum Computing and Introduction to the Physics of Quantum Computing are also required, along with two electives. All courses have prerequisites.

“As quantum information science matures and leads to real-world innovations and applications outside research laboratories, it is essential to provide students with formal training in experimental and theoretical quantum physics,” said Jawad Shabani, associate professor of physics at NYU and director. Center for Quantum Information Physics (CQIP). “NYU Tandon’s new small quantitative project is an important contribution to this effort.”

NYU Tandon’s relationship with SandboxAQ and other companies in the quantum computing space creates internship pathways for students, providing opportunities to gain real-world experience to enhance commercialization potential after graduation.

The new minor in quantum technology is the latest in a series of curricular innovations introduced by NYU Tandon that encourage cross-departmental learning and the acquisition of real-world skills. The school recently made its debut Engineering innovation The minor focuses on developing basic skills and entrepreneurship. It has also expanded significantly Vertically integrated projects A program in which teams of students work to solve engineering problems over several years. I have introduced a flexible and fully online DIY system. Master of Science in Emerging Technologies It allows students to craft their own curriculum to fit their career goals. As revealed by A PhD track in urban sciencesworks under Tandon’s patronage Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP)This is open to Ph.D. Students in any department at NYU Tandon.

Tandon School of Engineering at New York University

NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering is home to a community of renowned faculty and undergraduate and graduate students united on a mission to understand and create the technology that powers cities, enables connectivity around the world, fights climate change, and builds healthier, safer, and more equitable real communities. And digital worlds. The school’s culture focuses on encouraging collaboration and rigorous, interdisciplinary research; Promote inclusivity, entrepreneurial thinking, and diverse perspectives; and creating innovative and accessible pathways to lifelong learning in STEM fields. NYU Tandon’s history dates back to 1854, the founding year of both NYU’s School of Civil Engineering and Architecture and Brooklyn Collegiate Polytechnic Institute. Located in the heart of Brooklyn, NYU Tandon is a vital part of NYU and its unparalleled global network. For more information visit Engineering.nyu.edu.

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