Novugen Pharma (USA) LLC launches ANDA-approved midodrine 2.5mg, 5mg and 10mg doses

Novugen Pharma (USA) LLC launches ANDA-approved midodrine 2.5mg, 5mg and 10mg doses

Princeton, NJ, November 07, 2023 – ( – Novugen Pharma (USA) LLC has launched its second product in the US market, Midodrine 2.5mg, 5mg and 10mg based on Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) approval by the FDA. And medicine (FDA). The first product launched by the company in the United States was Abiraterone 250mg and 500mg tablets.Midodrine is indicated for the treatment of symptoms of orthostatic hypotension, a condition defined as a sudden drop in blood pressure when standing from a sitting or lying position. This drop in blood pressure can cause dizziness and increase the risk of fainting, falling, cardiovascular disease, dementia, depression, and in some cases, death. Reports suggest that one in five adults over the age of 60 has orthostatic hypotension* and it can be as high as six in ten among institutionalized older adults.**

Novugen’s Midodrine will be manufactured in Malaysia by Novugen Pharma Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia is home to the country’s first and only FDA-approved oncology and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in Southeast Asia that focus on oral solid dosage forms of generic drugs and highly potent oncology drugs.

“With our strong team of highly skilled professionals and scientists, significant capital investments in our advanced R&D and cutting-edge technologies, Novugen is uniquely and competitively positioned to enter the U.S. as well as penetrate the global market,” said Victor Borrelli, Senior Vice President, Chief Commercial Operations Officer. Novugen Pharma (USA) LLC.

“Our successful record of complete, on-time delivery is a reflection of our exceptional shipping performance. This is our commitment to providing our business partners with the best personalized support and service for all their needs. It is also key to our efforts to promote early access to life-changing medicines,” he added.

The launch of midodrine and abiraterone in the United States was a major milestone for Novogen that showcases the beginning of a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality, affordable medicines that Novogen can offer to millions of patients globally. It will also help diversify the drug alternatives available in the US market and enhance personalized treatment for patients to achieve a better response to their condition.

*Ringer M, Lappin SL. Orthostatic hypotension. (Updated May 16, 2023). In: StatPearls (Internet). Treasure Island (Florida): State Pearls Publishing; January 2023-. Available from:

**Weiss A, Grossman E, Beloosesky Y, Grinblat J. Orthostatic hypotension in an acute geriatric ward: is this a consistent finding? Arch Apprentice Med. 2002;162:2369–2374. Available from:

About Novogen

Novugen is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SciTech International Group headquartered in the UAE. With over 30 years of experience in the healthcare sector, the company has extensive and successful experience in entering into strategic healthcare businesses and developing world-class healthcare facilities across the globe. Novugen’s passion for science, bold global strategy and wealth of international experience have helped us respond to the complex challenges of bringing difficult-to-obtain, technology-intensive pharmaceutical products to market.

Novugen specializes in specialty and difficult-to-formulate generic medicines for all therapeutic areas of pharmaceutical and oncology medicines while meeting stringent global quality standards. By vertically integrating from Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) to finished product R&D and manufacturing in Malaysia, this gives us greater control over the supply chain.

We are committed to ensuring early access to high-quality products that lack robust generic alternatives due to their complexity to serve the lives of millions globally. For more information about Novugen, please visit and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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