New Jersey campaign implements potentially world-first AI-driven mass text campaign using VoterMaker’s IntelliText

New Jersey campaign implements potentially world-first AI-driven mass text campaign using VoterMaker’s IntelliText

BRIDGEWATER, NJ – In what is likely a world first, a New Jersey campaign successfully used VoterMaker to run a text messaging campaign that delivered messages uniquely tailored to each voter based on the voter’s specific demographics using VoterMaker’s IntelliText AI tool.

“Using VoterMaker’s IntelliText, the campaign was able to deliver nearly 50,000 text messages in November to a large group of voters with each voter receiving a unique text message tailored to the voter’s characteristics, demographics and priorities,” said Felipe Pedroso, campaign founder. and CEO of VoterMaker Inc., said, “Instead of sending the same text message to all voters in a group, VoterMaker’s IntelliText used our artificial intelligence and algorithms to write messages specifically to each voter that were uniquely connected in an amazing new way so that when voters read the message, they Immediately makes a meaningful connection with the campaign. If a voter likes apples and bananas, but not cherries and oranges, IntelliText will focus on apples and bananas, blending those characteristics into the campaign message. That’s powerful stuff!”

“What we’ve seen is voters are responding saying, ‘You’re saying the right thing,’ and there’s a significant statistical drop in requests to stop, and it’s clearly working,” Pedroso added. “Voters feel that these people in this campaign understand me, they know what’s important, and I’m going to vote for them.” .

AI IntelliText™ is a proprietary innovation of VoterMaker that uses artificial intelligence and complex fine-tuned algorithms to analyze voter data, campaign platform and key demographic areas to create a text narrative that is instantly delivered to the voter.

“Delivering personalized messages to each individual voter is the future of successful political campaigns,” Pedroso continued. These are personal messages that focus on the ideologies of the campaign platform that align with each voter. The messaging is honest with a focus on using AI ethically. VoterMaker is revolutionizing the way political campaigns are done and elections are won—and we’re just getting started.

VoterMaker is the world’s most comprehensive voter management and communications software solution invented by Felipe Pedroso, an elected official with over thirty years of political experience and an accomplished technology innovator who holds two US patents with numerous others pending. “I created VoterMaker with the vision of providing every candidate running for elected office, regardless of the size of their campaign, with the resources and economic capabilities needed to engage with voters,” he said. “My ambition is for VoterMaker to empower candidates to engage with voters effectively, leading to Ultimately to enhance voters’ awareness of their choices. An informed voter is not only good for democracy, but for a better America as well.

Accessible through any web browser and through mobile applications currently in development, VoterMaker is a nonpartisan solution suitable for campaigns at all levels, from local board of education and municipal races to gubernatorial and presidential elections.

For more information about VoterMaker and its leading IntelliText™ technology, please visit

About VoterMaker

VoterMaker, a USA-based company founded and led by the respected Felipe Pedroso, offers the world’s most comprehensive solution for effectively managing voter data, campaigning, and voter messaging. By focusing on relatable messaging and successful message delivery, VoterMaker provides campaigns with powerful tools to raise funds, organize campaigns, deliver effective messages, and engage voters. As the most complete voter management and outreach solution available, the VoterMaker platform integrates data analytics, cost-effective delivery methods and innovative technology to optimize campaign operations and increase chances of success.


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