New Guiyan District is turning into an innovation hub for city and industry integration

New Guiyan District is turning into an innovation hub for city and industry integration

Guyan, China, November 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — news report:

ChaEvents happen every year and great transformations happen every three yearsYears. In the core area of ​​Gui’an New Area, Guiyang Big Data Scientific and Technological Innovation City is rapidly emerging. Since the approval of the establishment of the Party Work Committee and the Management Committee of Guiyang Big Data Scientific and Technological Innovation City in June, efforts have been focused on building Guiyang Big Data Scientific and Technological Innovation City into a digital industry and talent gathering area, a digital center application scene demonstration area, and an ecological civilization display area. .

Located on a plateau with an average elevation of 1,100 metres, Guiyang Technology, Scientific and Technological Innovation City has a beautiful ecological environment with a relative humidity of 76%-79% and a moderate average summer temperature of only 22°C. The natural environment of Guiyang Scientific and Technological Data Innovation City provides ideal living and working conditions, while the support of medical and educational resources provides professional talents for industrial development.

View of Big Data Scientific and Technological Innovation City in Guiyang.

Guiyang Big Data Sci-Tech Innovation City has built its first affiliated hospital, Guizhou Hospital Sun YatSin University, a national regional medical center and comprehensive tertiary general hospital. In addition, the Gui’an New Area School of Beijing Normal University was established, an innovative 15-year K-12 school that combines kindergarten, primary, middle and secondary education. Meanwhile, a “Two Cities, One Belt” corridor has been built to cultivate science and technology talents, located adjacent to Huaxi University City and Qingzhen Vocational Education City. In recent years, focusing on the industrial planning of “one center, two parks and three valleys” (that is, innovation center; Suzhou Guoyan Industrial Park and Zhangjiang Guoyan High-tech Industrial Park; Network Valley, Optics Valley, and Aerospace Valley), the Data Science and Technology Innovation City has intensified Guiyang’s efforts to strengthen industrial ecosystems and accelerate the concentration of industries with a focus on computing and innovation centers in data science, technology and artificial intelligence.

the Opinions of the Guizhou Provincial People’s Government on further accelerating the high-quality development of Guian New Area released on June 26, which introduces more ambitious, high-stakes policy measures to support the high-quality development of the New Guiana region. It is proposed to accelerate industrial clusters, encourage the accumulation of talents and population, accelerate the construction of science and technology innovation centers throughout the province, strategically deploy high-quality educational and medical resources, improve the transportation network, etc.

According to these views, the strategy is to annually provide support to qualified big data enterprises in Guiyang Technology and Scientific and Technological Innovation City to create standard demonstrations of open scenario applications, based on about 12 scenarios such as cross-domain computing power resource scheduling, data value-added process and large scale training. Artificial intelligence models. The Guiyang Big Data Exchange Center will also be moved to the Guiyang Big Data Technology and Innovation City. There is support to build three high-quality schools in and near Guiyang Big Data Sci-Tech Innovation City to increase more than 5,000 places. Moreover, travel demand between Guiyang Technology and Scientific and Technological Innovation City, Huaxi University City, Machang New Industrial City and central urban areas will be met in 2023.

As a new city-industry integration center, Guiyang Science and Technology Innovation City constantly improves service quality and efficiency. It is intended to establish a “1+3+N” enterprise service system, where “1” means establishing a complete enterprise service response center that handles park affairs immediately; “3” refers to providing ex ante, interim and ex post guarantees for “ten elements”, such as land, housing, water, electricity and gas supply, engineering, logistics, taxation, financial support and living facilities; “N” means implementing several measures, such as assigning responsibilities to specific people, agent service of the entire process, supporting policy service, and supporting digital services.

Nowadays, walking in Gui’an New Area, people can clearly feel that the digital economy is rapidly embracing thousands of industries to inject momentum into high-quality development. Guizhou. Thanks to the development of the big data industry, new businesses have emerged in Gui’an.

The integration of city and industry leads to the development of new advantages of high-quality development, while the human feeling forms a new chapter of harmonious coexistence. As industrial clusters and development are driven by industrial advantage, more companies are targeting the business opportunities and future prospects of the New Gui’an area. At this point, the new city, ideal for living, working and entertaining, is about to rise.

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