New details about the season-ending accident involving Buffalo Bills RB Nyheim Hines

New details about the season-ending accident involving Buffalo Bills RB Nyheim Hines

After electrifying the crowd at Highmark Stadium last January by returning not one, but two, kickoffs — including the opening kickoff — for a touchdown as the Buffalo Bills played an emotional game just six days after Damar Hamlin went into cardiac arrest on the field. Foot. Nyheim Heinz had big plans for the 2023 season.

Haynes restructured his contract during the offseason as he made plans to be a big part of Buffalo’s offense — a unit he had just joined in November and whose playbook he had been studying so he could be a playmaker on a team that is among the favorites to finish this season in the Super Bowl. . However, an off-field incident in July halted all of Hines’ plans.

Hines tore the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and LCL in his left knee while sitting on a Sea-Doo. There were a lot of early assumptions and then interpretations, and now, with a recent report by athlete, We are getting more information about the situation.

First, Hines didn’t ride Sea-Doos. Yes, he was on it, but now we know he wasn’t “playing” on it, and in fact, this was the first time he’d been in the car all weekend. Hines claimed he took a jet ski to fill up with gas when friends with whom he was sharing a lake house during the Fourth of July holiday week said they were low on gas.

Second, it was a friend who bumped into Hines, not a random stranger. Hines told police that he misfired on his car’s engine while entering a restricted area, but as the boat headed towards him it swerved to the right. That’s when Dylan Peebles, a friend and college track teammate, collided with the right side of Hines’ Sea-Doo while traveling at speeds between 20 and 40 mph. The impact sent the NFL running back falling off the left side of his vehicle and into the water, and caused a combined $17,000 in damage to both watercraft.

Now we hear that the incident was not reported for three weeks. But wait, that report was directed at the Buffalo Bills, not the authorities. There is a report on the incident prepared by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and photos were taken at the scene. However, Hines did not realize he was injured, so there was no reason to contact his employer. The 27-year-old, who must be in his sixth season in the NFL, and first full season in Buffalo, thought it was sore and bruised. It wasn’t until he headed out to the track to do some training on his own before heading north to report to camp that he realized something was wrong.

Hines told Zach Kiefer The athlete He found it strange that it was his left knee that was causing him pain when he tried to run on the track as he was injured on the right side. After a call with his agent, an MRI was scheduled. That’s when the 2023 season ended.

“It’s a terrible look, and that was very difficult.” Kiefer quoted Haynes as saying. “I had the opportunity (this season), and honestly, I couldn’t even ride jet skis. If I was jumping or being stupid, I wouldn’t really be upset (about it). But the truth is, I literally wasn’t riding jet skis. “I’m just getting gas.”

Hines underwent surgery on August 8 and began treatment two days later. Hard work is no stranger to Heinz. Hines is diligent, if nothing else, about taking care of his body during football season. His regimen includes regular acupuncture, compression boots, nightly massages, and Epsom salt baths, all in an attempt to prolong his younger years — something short enough for him to return to the NFL. Before he collided with the Sea-Doo, Hines’ plan was working. He only missed one game in his first five years.

Of course, the incident and the Buffalo Bills subsequently having to place Haynes on the non-football injury list raised the question of money. In March, Hines restructured his contract with the Bills to include $9 million over two years with a signing bonus, game-day roster bonuses, and workout bonuses. However, his presence in NFI meant that the Bills did not have to pay him anything.

“We were both upset, both parties were upset.” Haynes said. “I didn’t expect this to happen. They didn’t expect this to happen. We both had big plans for ourselves. They know I hold myself accountable, and they know this will kill me more than it kills them.”

It took some time, but the Bills and Hines finally reached an agreement that both parties were comfortable with that will keep Hines in Buffalo for the 2024 season. Hines said he ultimately feels the Bills took care of him and treated him fairly, and that he is very much looking forward to returning to Orchard Park, N.Y. – To prove that he can still be an asset to the team he so much wants to be a part of.

“I never really took football for granted, but then again, I know what this game means to me,” Haynes said. “I would do anything to come back now.”

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