NEET UG 2024: Why is Physics a nightmare? | Education News

NEET UG 2024: Why is Physics a nightmare?  |  Education News

Physics is known to be a nightmare for many potential National Eligibility Entrance Examination (NEET) candidates due to its complex equations, abstract principles and difficult problem solving. While all three subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Biology – play an important role in NEET, Physics is often cited as the scariest.

Let’s take a look at why physics is a nightmare for most NEET aspirants.

Mathematical complexity:

Physics is mathematical in nature, thus a solid foundation in mathematical principles is required. NEET candidates have to solve complex questions involving calculus, algebra and trigonometry. Many students struggle to relate the principles of theoretical physics to their mathematical applications. Students who are afraid of difficult equations and mathematics may feel intimidated by this topic.

Combining theory and practice:

A strong connection between theory and real-world application is essential to physics. Although academic knowledge is important, NEET questions often contain real-world scenarios that require problem-solving abilities. It can be difficult for students to connect their academic understanding to how to use it to solve complex problems.

A broad and expansive curriculum:

The NEET Physics syllabus is comprehensive, including topics such as mechanics, electricity, magnetism, thermodynamics, optics and modern physics. The overwhelming amount of knowledge can overwhelm students, leaving them unable to prioritize and cover all topics effectively.

– Lack of practical experience and knowledge:

Physics often lacks practical experience in the NEET preparation process, compared to Biology and Chemistry. Lack of real-world experience can make it difficult for students to relate to the material and know how to use it in the real world.

Fear of getting lower grades

Among NEET aspirants, the fear of performing poorly in physics may lead to stress and anxiety. A poor physics score can have a significant impact on NEET rankings as a whole and restrict the odds of admission into top medical institutions.

Overcoming the nightmare:

In Physics, conceptual questions and numerical problems form a larger part of the course, covering material from Years 11 and 12 equally.

Some of the important and highly scored topics to be covered by aspirants include – Mechanics which includes topics like Laws of Motion, Work, Power and Energy, Particle System and Rotational Motion, Optics, Electrodynamics which covers Static Electricity, Current Electricity, Magnetic Effects, Thermodynamics, Electricity and Magnetism, followed by Waves. Sound, modern physics, semiconductors, kinematics, etc.

Although physics may be difficult for many NEET aspirants, it is important to understand that with the right strategy and mindset, success in this subject is possible.

The following techniques can help students overcome fear of physics:

1. Practical study plan: Aspirants must create a well-organized study schedule that gives adequate time to each physics subject. They should sort the topics according to the level of importance for NEET exam.

2. Regular Mock Paper Solution: Physics is a subject that improves with experience and regular practice. To improve problem solving abilities, students should work through a range of situations and attempt as many sample NEET exam papers from previous years as possible which can help in finding out the mistakes made and correcting them.

3. Be comprehensive with NCERT syllabus: NCERT books cover a major portion of NEET syllabus, which can help in providing you an edge over your peers and can help you understand the principles and fundamentals thus providing a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

4. Regular practice and review: A comprehensive review plan and continuous review are essential elements of preparation for the Physics Department. Set aside dedicated periods of time each day to solve problems and reinforce concepts if you want to succeed in physics.

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5. Effective time management: Create a practical schedule and allocate enough time for each topic and review. Controlling the amount of time you have left to prepare can also help you answer questions on exam day more quickly and accurately with enough time to go over the paper.

In conclusion, despite the fact that the mathematical complexity, abstract ideas and broad approach of Physics may make the subject seem like a nightmare to many NEET aspirants, it is crucial to approach Physics with a focused study plan.

(The writer is the Chief Academic Officer of Vidyamandir Classes)

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