Near-fatal car accident slows down and doesn’t stop, Anahalihs Doxtator

Near-fatal car accident slows down and doesn’t stop, Anahalihs Doxtator

Anahalihs Doxtator never started leading the NJCAA in points. The Onondaga Community College sophomore values ​​being able to play the sport he loves, a sport that is part of his heritage, after it was nearly taken from him when a car accident five years ago left him in a coma for four days.

“After the accident, it really opened my eyes to know how lucky I am to be at this school and play the game every day,” Doxtator said. “It’s something I’ve always been grateful for. And after that, I couldn’t be more grateful for this game.”

Doxtator grew up on the Oneida Reserve in Ontario, Canada, and began playing the “Creator Game” as soon as he could walk.

That continued throughout his early days, often playing pick-up games on the reserve with his best friend Greg Elijah-Brown, who helped mentor him into becoming a teammate at Onondaga last year.

But Doxtator’s future in the sport was in serious jeopardy when, at the age of 14, one of his cousins ​​lost control of the car he was riding in and it slid into a ditch and landed on its side.

Ironically, it was Elijah Brown’s mother, Julie Kishigo, a paramedic, who received the call and was the first to arrive at the scene trying to get the unconscious Doxtator out of the car.

Doxtator’s brain injuries included two bruises and scrapes, and he was placed in a coma for four days. When he arrived, his parents relayed a message from doctors that he would likely never play lacrosse again.

“After I heard that, I was a little disappointed,” he said. But all my family and friends helped me regain my soul.”

His grandfather Sim Elijah placed a wooden stick in his bed when he was born. He brought one to Doxtator’s hospital bed after the accident. I was motivated to play again alongside him.

Additional motivation came from inspiring visits by Dan Dawson, one of the greatest players to ever play in the NLL, and Jeremy Thompson, one of its stars growing up,

“They knew how important the game was to me,” Doxtator said. “They knew I wanted to fight to get back in the game.”

However, the road to recovery was long. Every day, his friends and family made sure to get Doxtator out of bed for a little walk down the hall. The “baby steps,” as he called them, included carrying the laundry basket three steps “to make sure I could handle it.”

After nearly a month in the hospital, came about a year of physical therapy, followed by workouts with a personal trainer.

But three weeks after being released from the hospital, Doxtator was able to throw a lacrosse ball again.

This, along with watching the matches, helped his comeback immeasurably.

“For me, lacrosse helped me get back into the game just by watching. That’s what kept me going and wanting to get back to playing the game that I love. “Just being at the game makes me feel good — watching it, playing, just throwing the ball. “It gives me great pride and joy to play this game.”

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