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The use of AI can be beneficial to the travel retail industry for a number of reasons – Manishi Sanwal

Voiceback Analytics Manager Manishi Sanwal He reflects on a conversation he shared with The Moodie Davitt Report founder and CEO Martin Moodie and explains how the products he’s developing can transform travel retail.

“So what is ChatGPT and what can it do for the travel retail industry?” Martin Moody asked me, while sitting in a bar in Singapore.

Here I try to demystify generative artificial intelligence (AI) and highlight key use cases emerging in the travel retail industry.

For many, the emergence of generative AI already feels like the beginning of an apocalypse movie – on the one hand there are the simple concerns of lost jobs and human productivity, and on the other, there are far more serious threats to humanity and the planet.

Recently, Elon Musk and a group of AI experts and industry executives issued an open letter calling for a six-month ban on the development of AI systems.

ChatGPT is a subsection of artificial intelligence and could be useful for the travel retail industry {Image Courtesy Mojahid Mottakin, Unsplash}

ChatGPT is a specific branch of data technology called Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI). It is just about communicating in human language or natural language. It is a subsection of artificial intelligence technology, which refers to machines that can match or surpass human intelligence.

The AI ​​generation can understand and communicate in human language. It creates the possibility of humans interacting directly with machines. Artificial general intelligence in this sense is not a cure-all, but only solves and revolves around understanding and generating human language.

The current version features unprecedented capabilities, which makes it mimic human language with ease. Many of the things that make ChatGPT so special are its valuable capabilities to:

  1. Understanding and interpreting human language (Natural Language Understanding – NLU)
  2. Identify the user’s intent or request in each message (intent recognition)
  3. Maintaining context and flow during a conversation (dialogue management)
  4. Create human-like responses – Natural Language Generation (NLG) focuses on creating text that sounds natural and appropriate based on context and intent
  5. Integrating visual and audio inputs and outputs to create multimedia conversational experiences (Multimedia Conversational AI).

In the Recently At Shiseido Travel Retail’s pop-up at cdf Sanya International Duty Free Shopping Mall (cdf Mall) in Haitang Bay, travelers were invited to discover their “potential in kind” via an interactive AI-powered game

After playing the interactive game, travelers received an AI-generated avatar

ChatGPT is an abbreviation for Chat Genetic Pre-Trained Transformer. The Transformer architecture is the backbone of ChatGPT, enabling its powerful language processing capabilities.

ChatGPT is not alone. OpenAI itself has a set of algorithms for different functions. Chat GPT contains GPT, GPT 3.5, and GPT 4.0. These are upgraded versions with enhanced capabilities but have a similar skill set – the ability to understand human language.

CODEX is a sibling of ChatGPT that focuses on writing computer programs. CODEX can convert human language into a computer program in any language you want.

DALL.E 2 is a powerful image generation algorithm. It can see and draw pictures – you can direct it to create a picture by describing what you want, and it creates it on demand. It is used by those working in the creative and advertising world.

All is well in heaven?

Probably not. There are two major emerging concerns and barriers that could impact or delay the adoption of these technologies by companies. here they are:


This is where a large language model (LLM) such as OpenAI’s GPT4 or Google’s BARD creates false information or facts that are not based on real data or events.

Two New York lawyers are facing sanctions for citing bogus cases after using ChatGPT to create a legal request that never happened. Separately, the Google AI Chat Bot provided incorrect information during its launch when it credited the James Webb Telescope with discovering the first exoplanet. The first image of an exoplanet was taken in 2004; Long before the telescope was operational.

This is a big issue. LLM models, like humans, tend to lie – especially in areas in which they have not been adequately trained. These hallucinations, no matter how small, become an obstacle to many applications since a single logic error is enough to derail a much larger solution.

Leader of Estée Lauder Companies An application powered by artificial intelligence It was selected as a finalist for the AI ​​category in Fast Company’s 2023 Innovation by Design competition

Data security

The second big barrier is data security concerns. As industries adopt these models and begin to use them for more complex purposes, some questions arise.

Will enterprise data and enterprise claims used by a single company be exposed through the form?

As you use ChatGPT, does it learn and therefore be able to share information with someone else?

However, technology companies clearly point out that the design of systems ensures that vital information cannot be leaked.

AI can leverage creative skills and benefit travel retail in many ways

what’s in it for me?

LLM is an emerging industry that has gained traction due to the launch and success of ChatGPT. Use cases are emerging, and industries are experimenting with places and processes. There are three broad categories of use cases (listed below) that will emerge.

1. Creative skills

Creative skills can be channeled through marketing teams. All of your content for social media posts can be created with ChatGPT. ChatGPT can help you document HR, product features, product training guides, etc. Many people use ChatGPT for this purpose and the skill set will evolve from writing a social media post to writing the right prompt to get it from ChatGPT.

2. Language skills

The ability to read and summarize large documents is useful in many departments. maybe:

  • Read customer service emails, identify key issues, extract names and places, and summarize them.
  • Read customer reviews, analyze sentiment, and extract keywords.
  • Translating languages ​​and dealing with multiple linguistic queries.

There are multiple instances where written or spoken human data is stored and analyzed. Gen AI will add massive, quick savings in all of these situations instantly.

3. ChatGPT on enterprise data

This is one of the powerful emerging use cases. Organizations have institutional data – this could be your training manual, customer brochures, employee training materials, product information etc. A lot of perfume brands, malt brands, or even confectionery brands have subtle flavours. A fragrance can contain top notes, middle notes, and base notes. Likewise, malt can be from a specific region and can be peaty, fruity, spicy, or with vanilla, nuts, etc.

Consumers struggle to understand and customer sales managers struggle to remember. Now imagine all your product knowledge gathered into an LLM app to create a chatbot that can talk about your products. Whether it’s your brand history, your product flavors, or recent exciting launches.

How AI can enhance human creativity in travel retail

Contact me JAImes: In a guest article for The Moodie Davitt Report, James Brown of integrated retail marketing, design and communications agency Purple discusses the recent hype around ChatGPT and questions whether generative AI seeks to take over our jobs — or just make them more efficient.

As a retailer, one will have historical data and purchasing behavior of customers. This will include information such as the customer’s product preferences, recent purchase history, and overall frequency of visits. All this information, when combined with product, price and promotion information, creates a powerful engine – a bot that now knows the customer, their individual purchasing pattern, products available in stores, price and promotion information.

More effort and we have the perfect dedicated sales assistant.

She knows about the customer, the product, prices, and promotions — and she can speak a human language.

Final thoughts

This is an emerging industry and what we are seeing today are just the first waves of applications of the technology. The technology itself will improve and add more features, making it more convenient to add value to your business. Business owners and their teams must understand ethnography and be creative to explore ways to improve productivity.

Is this even possible?

Indeed it is.

Voiceback Analytics has developed a chatbot to demonstrate capabilities and potential. The developed application has been trained on all industry specific data and is used for training purposes. For more details contact

The world’s only event dedicated solely to the airport food, beverage and hospitality sectors will return to the United States next June. Please contact Moodie Davitt Report Head of Events Jeannie Wong at for details.

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