Michael Schumacher update as two blunders are revealed a decade after the Formula 1 icon’s skiing accident

Michael Schumacher update as two blunders are revealed a decade after the Formula 1 icon’s skiing accident

This month marks 10 years since Michael Schumacher’s tragic skiing accident.

A German journalist revealed two mistakes a decade later, as the 54-year-old continues to live out of the limelight.

Schumacher was vacationing with his family in the French Alps when he went off course and hit his head on a rock.

While he was later able to return home, his condition remains unknown as the Formula 1 icon’s inner circle prefers to keep details under wraps.

Michael Schumacher has not been seen for more than a decade


Speaking to ARD, German journalist Jens Gideon revealed two mistakes that were made at that time.

After speaking with a ski instructor named Andre, he said there wasn’t enough snow on the ground.

This made conditions dangerous to ski in.

The lack of snow meant that the rocks were more exposed than usual, and as a result, tragedy struck.

“Don’t go there on a day like that,” said a colleague who works with Gideon.

“It was clear there wasn’t enough snow.”

Gideon also says that Schumacher could have received treatment faster if he had been transferred to a specialist hospital in Grenoble immediately.

The Formula 1 champion was initially conscious after the accident and was taken to a hospital in Moutiers.

However, as Schumacher lost consciousness and began to struggle to breathe, this led to him being transferred to another medical facility instead.

Since he was initially conscious, it seems that it was difficult to notice how serious his injuries were at first.

A decade later, Schumacher still lives out of the public eye.

His manager, Sabine Kim, hopes the upcoming ARD documentary will do justice to the stricken star.

She added: “If an athlete can have his name almost synonymous with the sport he plays, it will no longer be possible (to separate the two).”

“Someone hears the name Michael and immediately thinks ‘Formula 1.’

“Only the greats have achieved this. Ultimately, Michael embodies Formula 1.”

Kim also hopes the documentary will show Schumacher’s human side as well.

“(He) always stayed with himself,” she added.

“His fighting spirit, his work ethic, his need for harmony, but also his toughness, stubbornness and sometimes cruelty.

“All of this creates a very special blend, which I think is the basis of the fascination it creates.”

Meanwhile, former Ferrari engineer Rob Smedley recently spoke out about Schumacher.

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Michael Schumacher F1 News

Michael Schumacher won seven Formula 1 titles during his career


He revealed his immediate reaction after learning of the tragic accident that the German suffered.

“I was at home and I heard him call Felipe Massa,” he told the Daily Star.

“Oh, Michael had a skiing accident,” he said.

“I said, ‘Well, did he hurt himself?’ “Oh, I don’t think so. I just heard he had a skiing accident,” he replied.

“I thought he broke his leg or something.

“When the news started spreading that it was much more serious than that, all we could do, and we can do now, is continue to hope and pray for him.”

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