Mercedes responds amid confusion over ‘gifting’ Lewis Hamilton FIA Cup: PlanetF1

Mercedes responds amid confusion over ‘gifting’ Lewis Hamilton FIA Cup: PlanetF1

A fan who attended the FIA ​​Awards ceremony in Azerbaijan claimed that he was given the same third place award as Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton traveled to Azerbaijan in Baku on Friday to attend the annual FIA Awards ceremony, where the seven-time Formula 1 world champion collected his trophy for finishing third in the 2023 championship standings behind Red Bull drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez.

Curiously, shortly after the ceremony, a fellow concert attendee claimed to have received the trophy that was presented to Hamilton, posted photos of the trophy and stated that the award was now at his home.

What happened to Lewis Hamilton’s third place trophy?

An X profile (formerly Twitter) called Nihad Nesirli posted photos of a night out in Baku, where he appeared alongside F1 stars such as Max Verstappen as the Dutch driver collected the World Championship trophy.

But it was the profile posting of photos of the FIA ​​Cup handed to Hamilton earlier for his third-place finish that raised eyebrows.

A post on the profile, complete with photos, summed up the night: “CThe RB19 rocket ship, meeting the royal family, speaking with Max and receiving his award from Sir Lewis Hamilton.. What a night!!! Wilder than my wildest dreams!

Another post then posted a photo of the cup on what looked like a mantelpiece at home, saying: “Welcome. I was at a party yesterday. Lewis Hamilton gave me the award and left. I have the prize at home now. has now learned from a source close to the situation that Hamilton left the trophy on a table backstage after an official at the ceremony offered to look after it and send it to Hamilton while the world champion left the venue.

It is believed that Mercedes is currently trying to find out what happened to the trophy after the entire team left the ceremony.

A statement issued by Mercedes explained that Hamilton did not give his cup to anyone.

“Immediately after leaving the stage, and as had happened at the previous awards ceremony, Lewis accepted the officials’ offer to send the trophy to the team and thus leave it in their care,” the statement read.

“We can confirm that he did not give the cup to anyone as a ‘gift’ as has been speculated.” has contacted the FIA, as well as the person claiming to own the trophy, for further clarification.

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