Mercedes ‘concerned’ about F1 2024 after mystery Sao Paulo shock has been revealed

Mercedes ‘concerned’ about F1 2024 after mystery Sao Paulo shock has been revealed

Mercedes suffered its worst performance of the difficult 2023 season at Interlagos, with Lewis Hamilton falling to eighth and teammate George Russell retiring when he was running 11th.

After positive wins in the United States and Mexico City, Mercedes’ sudden decline in Brazil left the team scratching its head, and led to a very honest assessment from Toto Wolff, who described his team’s performance as “inexcusable” and “miserable”.

Analyzing Mercedes’ hot weekend after Sunday’s race, Chandok told Sky: “I think Hamilton was only about 10 seconds off a lap. I think there’s a lot of scratching going on there.

“They need to understand as a collective group where the root of the problem is. They’ve had their highest form in the last two races where they’ve been fast – but let’s not forget they were disqualified in Austin.

“You can’t fight for a championship if you go through these ups and downs, without a clear understanding of why. If (they say) ‘We know we’re going to struggle here, we know we’re going to be weak here, we’re going to take it on the chin,’ then that’s OK. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.” adverb.

“They don’t seem to have a clear understanding of why the highs are the highs, and the lows are the lows. That’s the concern for next year.”

Comparing Mercedes and McLaren’s renewed fortunes, Chandhok said: “McLaren didn’t start the year anywhere, but they were very frank – they said, even in testing, ‘We’re going to have difficulties at the start of the year.’

“Since (the Austria upgrade), they’ve been out front on every type of track, every type of corner, every type of weekend. Wet and dry, they’ve been there. That gives the aviation department confidence that the car works.”

“But Mercedes doesn’t have it. This week they were slower than the Alfa Tauris, the Alpine, much slower than McLaren, Red Bull and Aston Martin. It’s just puzzling.”

When it was suggested that just one hour of practice due to the race regime could hurt Mercedes, fellow Sky critic Naomi Schiff said: “I think if that were the case for them, it would be a bit of a relief, rather than more of a relief.” Fundamental issue.

“But I think at this stage of the season, where there are only two races left for a world championship winning team, for a multiple championship winning team, they will struggle with a car for two seasons and be at this stage very close next season.” You have to wonder will they stick with the same concept and continue to build on it?

“Or are they really going back to the drawing board now?”

“We’ve heard many times this season that Toto is really frustrated,” Schiff added. “Today, from the sound of his voice, it sounded like he was very low-key.”

“I disagree with him a bit – last year was a rollercoaster, it really felt like from one weekend to the next they didn’t understand the direction the car was heading, when they brought in the updates.

“This year, it might have started that way. But it seemed like they were building consistency. To take a step that far in the space of one weekend? I think that leaves them scratching their heads again.”

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