Massa Exclusive: I expect legal action to support Ferrari for Hamilton’s 2008 title

Massa Exclusive: I expect legal action to support Ferrari for Hamilton’s 2008 title

Felipe Massa says he expects and hopes Ferrari will support his ongoing legal action over the 2008 world championship.

Massa is currently seeking ways to try to overturn the title result he lost to Lewis Hamilton by one point after comments from then Formula 1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone suggested he knew the Singapore Grand Prix had been manipulated by Renault. during season, but chose not to take any action.

The Brazilian’s legal team is awaiting documents from the FIA ​​and Formula 1, with the deadline for their delivery extended to November 15, with the 11-time grand prix winner not interested in any financial settlement.

Massa’s Ferrari team has so far remained quiet on the issue, with Hamilton also unconcerned, but Massa believes Ferrari will lend its support to his cause as they also lost the championship – which would be a 16th drivers’ crown.

Massa expects Ferrari’s support

Massa said exclusively: “I still expect us to be together and to get support, because in the end we lost the championship together.” Racing News 365 On the 15th anniversary of the race in Brazil.

“I love Ferrari, it’s part of my heart and I’m definitely a huge Ferrari fan and will be for the rest of my life for everything (that happened) during my time with the team, with the fans, the opportunities and the dreams I had.” .

He added: “So I definitely expect it to be on my side, because we lost the tournament together because of the manipulation that happened.

“Anytime you hear Toto Wolff talking about 2021, he’s the most supportive person, so I can’t really believe Ferrari won’t be in this position with me.

“At the moment, they are quiet, but I really believe they will be on my side, and I really hope that is the case because this is the right thing for what happened to us.

“What happened to me also happened to Ferrari.”

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Support in Brazil

In 2008, Massa missed the opportunity to become the fourth Brazilian to win the title after Emerson Fittipaldi, Nelson Piquet, and Ayrton Senna, whose last title came in 1991.

When asked how his cause is received by the Brazilian public, Massa explained how he is often stopped in the street by people offering their support.

“The reaction is very supportive,” he says.

“Everywhere I go, at the airport, the supermarket, the restaurant, people stop me and say they are on my side and that I need to fight because what happened to you is not part of the sport and that I am the champion.

“I have amazing support from different people in the country, but not even just from Brazil, sometimes in the United States, I have support from Europe as well.

He added: “A lot of people in the racing world, you can sometimes see that they are a bit afraid to express their support for me, but there are many who support me, even within motorsport, so I do not do it alone.”

“I’m doing it for my country because Brazil lost by not being recognized as champion. That would have been great to help motorsport grow – and we don’t have a Brazilian driver in Formula 1 at the moment.

“It could have been different, given what Senna did for other Brazilians. I’m not comparing myself with Senna, but we know how important that championship is for the country.”

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