Married at First Sight Brennan races to help Emily after an accident causes a major head injury

Married at First Sight Brennan races to help Emily after an accident causes a major head injury


  • Emily and Brennan’s relationship on Married At First Sight was rocky, but Brennan’s actions after Emily was injured show a different side of him.
  • Emily is unsure about her future with Brennan, especially because of his attitude, and struggles to make a decision on Decision Day.
  • Emily’s injury will likely bring Emily and Brennan closer together and force them to process their feelings before making a final decision.

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Married at first sight Season 17’s Emily and Brennan faced some major difficulties in their relationship, however Will things change after Brennan returns to work when Emily is injured?? The couple has been dealing with issues in their new marriage all the time MAFS Season 17, but with things clearing up a bit, the couple has likely turned a corner regarding their feelings for each other. While Brennan publicly admitted that he did not have romantic feelings for Emily earlier in the season,… Married at first sight One participant found herself shocked when Emily spoke about her confusion surrounding their future in a recent episode.

In a clip from ET Online, Emily and Brennan are shown having a fun day, riding quad bikes together in the woods. They’re both camera-ready, and the couple even looks like they’re having a good time in the clip Emily drives her foursome off the track. When Brennan arrived at Emily after the accident, she was bleeding profusely from her head. the Married at first sight The crew takes over while Brennan comforts a seemingly shaken Emily. “Will I be okay?” Emily asks Brennan in the clip and he answers: “It’ll be okay.” He holds her hand.


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Brennan and Emily’s relationship explained MAFS

Emily and Brennan Married at First Sight - Season 17 - Montage with purple splashy background
Emily and Brennan Married at First Sight season 17

Brennan rushes to Emily’s side to check on her He comforts her while they are there Married at first sight Season 17 moment, which isn’t exactly surprising, but it’s kind of shocking. She is seen holding her hand and trying to reassure her that she will be okay, and Brennan shows a side of himself that viewers are not used to seeing. throughout Married at first sight In Season 17, viewers never got a chance to understand his softer side, especially as his relationship with Emily developed. Although Brennan clearly cares for his wife, things have not been easy in developing a romance between the couple. It’s possible that Emily’s injury will bring the couple closer together.

Emily, who did her best to make things work for her MAFS In the latest episode of the series, her husband struggles with what she wants to do on decision day. Because the choice to stay or leave is looming on the horizonEmily wasn’t able to figure out if she wanted to stay with Brennan long term. While Brennan hadn’t made up his mind either, he was shocked to find out that it might not be Emily’s decision to stay with him. Emily shared in a recent episode that she was having a hard time dealing with Brennan’s situation, especially when she tries to have open conversations about their feelings.

to Married at first sight In Season 17, decision day may be closer than they’re comfortable with. Emily, who hopes they can come to a mutual decision and not surprise each other, wants to open the lines of communication with Brennan. Regardless of the fact that Brennan hopes Emily will choose himHe’s not sure she’s the person he wants to spend his life with. Her injury, which will be documented on Married at first sight Season 17, could push both to process their feelings and make a more informed decision.

Source: ET Online

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