Maharashtra signs agreement with Google to harness artificial intelligence

Maharashtra signs agreement with Google to harness artificial intelligence

The agreement was signed in the presence of Devendra Fadnavis, Vice President, Google India, in Pune.

Pune: The Maharashtra government on Thursday signed a memorandum of understanding with search engine giant Google to use artificial intelligence in solutions in sectors such as agriculture, healthcare and education.

The MoU was signed at the company’s office here in the presence of Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Sanjay Gupta, Regional Director and Vice President, Google India; and Chief Minister of the State Nitin Karer.

“A few weeks ago, I met Gupta ji and we had a short conversation about how Artificial Intelligence is impacting our lives and he told me that their various centers of excellence are working on creating different platforms and applications that are not only changing businesses but also changing people’s lives,” Mr. Fadnavis said on the occasion. I told him about the government’s plan to set up a center of excellence in Nagpur. “Here we thought this could be a mutually beneficial partnership.”

The Deputy Prime Minister added that technology should be used to “positively influence” governance and strengthen its delivery systems as this can change people’s lives.

Google and the state government will work together in seven areas, he said, adding that one of them is “agricultural sustainability”. “Today we talk about sustainability in all areas of life but sustainability issues are more important in agriculture. Half of our concerns in the government are related to the sustainability of agriculture. With climate change issues, we have unseasonal rains, and we suffer from drought in the same year. It has become a phenomenon,” Mr. Fadnavis said. “We need more predictability and sustainability in agriculture.”

He added that through the platforms and applications that Google will create, sustainability and predictability can be achieved in agriculture and agricultural distress can be reduced.

“In the startup space, this collaboration will put Pune on the global map. With the growing startup ecosystem, a lot of tech startups are coming up. A lot of startups are working in the startup space. Farming is an illusion,” Mr. Fadnavis said. They change the lives of farmers.”

He added that the government will also collaborate with Google to take healthcare to “the last man in society.”

“We can create infrastructure but the problem is human resources. I don’t blame doctors but trained doctors have big opportunities in cities and they are not willing to go indoors, and it is technology that can fill the gap. With artificial intelligence, we can take quality healthcare to “The last man in society and we apply it.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has created a technology-based delivery system and now the government schemes are reaching the last person in the society and 25 crore people have been lifted above the poverty line, Mr. Fadnavis said, adding that AI applications “will help create an ecosystem”. The Maharashtra government will be able to leverage Google’s AI expertise to “unlock new possibilities in land records management, disease detection, urban environmental resilience, and improving AI skills, among others,” a statement from the company said.

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